ICaby On demand Ride sharing – Request rides – Template

ICaby is component based application template for React Native. Source code has been written in JavaScript and the final application can be built both for Android and iOS platforms.

We have provided you with one version of the application for IOS and Android:

ICaby On demand Ride Ordering - React Native Template - 1
ICaby – built with React Native CLI 0.63.2
Application Demo
Download Android APK (A Design):

Designed to save hours of work for creating unique UI, a powerful starter project that bootstraps development of your mobile application. The application has more than 10 components, 10 screen containers and the visual design can easily be customized.

The available screen containers are:

  • Sign Up (x1)
  • Terms and Conditions (x1)
  • Sign In (x1)
  • Home (x1)
  • Search rides(x2)
  • On map traking (x1)
  • Offers (x1)
  • RidesHistory (x1)
  • Settings (x1)
  • Edit Profile (x1)
  • Ride info (x1)
  • Add Credit Card (x1)
  • Notifications (x1)
  • CardManager (x1)
  • About Us (x1)
  • 10 new settings page (x1)
  • on boarding page (x1)
  • OTP login page (x1)
  • New client page (x1)
  • Ride review page (x1)
  • Ride finished (x1)
  • more to come (soon)

The available reusable components are:

  • Avatar
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Buttons (x3)
  • Cards (x1)
  • Credit Card
  • Divider
  • Empty State
  • Icon
  • Keyboard Numeric
  • Logo
  • Modals (x2)
  • Navigation
  • Pickers (x3)
  • Star Rating
  • Text
  • Text Inputs (x4)
  • more to come (soon)

What you get in package

  • Source Code in React Native
  • Project Documentation


Free updates & reliable customer support

We are constantly adding new features to our template, and this app template will not be an exception. Since all the future updates will be free of charge once you purchase the license, rest assured that you will not be denied any new feature we come up with.

Note: This is just a UI template, no backend functionality included.

<b>v 1.0.0</b>
* 10 new settings page 
* on boarding page 
* OTP login page 
* New client page 
* Ride review page 
* Ride finished 
* bug fixes. 

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