Chef – Multi-restaurant Saas – Contact less Digital Menu Admin Panel with – React Native App

Best QR Code Digital Menu Maker , Ordering System , Call Waiter Option

Start a business with this Contactless Restaurant Menu Maker within 5 minutes. With the help of this digital menu, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones.

Chef Digital Menu Extended Offer
Chef Digital Menu 5.5 Available
New Features

Chef Digital Menu

Chef Digital Menu

Chef Digital Menu

Chef Digital Menu

Chef Digital Menu

Customer App Demo

Customer demo

Website Demo

Web demo

Restaurant Adminpanel Demo

Store Webdemo

Restaurant Admin Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Store App Demo

Store Webdemo

Store App Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Admin Panel Demo

Admin demo

Adminpanel Login
User or email:
Password: 12345678

Restaurant Adminpanel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Items.
  • Category.
  • Addon Category.
  • Addons.
  • Order Notification with sound.
  • Orders.
  • View Order.
  • Promo Banners.
  • Pending Orders.
  • Update Orders Status.
  • Accept or Reject Orders
  • Print Orders.
  • Subscription Plans.
  • Table Management.
  • Store Settings.
  • Ordering Option On/Off.
  • Copy Store Url.
  • Waiter Call Option.
  • Order Status Screen.
  • Print Qr Code.
  • Customers List.
  • Service Charge.
  • Store Wise Currency.
  • Tax.

Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Add ,Edit, Update Stores.
  • Enable Disable Stores.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Translation.
  • Settings.


  • PHP 7.3
  • Terminal or ssh Access

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing

User Demo

User Page Click Here

Sass Website Demo

Sass Page Click Here to get the full app experience.

Restaurant Owner Demo

Restaurant Owner Login Page Click Here

 Password: 123456

Admin Demo

Admin Login Page Click Here

 Password: 12345678
 Note: All the user management and configuration related settings are disabled in the demo.

Whatsapp support

Chef Digital Menu ReactNative

Version Log

 Version 5.5.1 [05/02/2021]
 1. Decimal Issue Fixed.
 2. Category Delete Issue Fixed.
 3. Time Zone Issue Fixed (open .env = APP_TIMEZONE=America/New_York add this)
 4. Category List Page Footer Bar Added
 5. Ui Bug Fixes.

 Version 5.5 [29/01/2021]
  1 . Store Logo Added Customer App.
  2 . Fixed Footer Added Cart Page.
  3 . Order Duplicate Issue Solved.
  4 . Change Store Url (Admin -> stores -> edit store url) Added.
  5 . Transactions Added Admin Panel.
  6 . Customer App Addon Bug Fixed.
  7 . Store Admin Dashboard Ui Updated.
  8 . Maintenance page new ui updated.
  9 . Category Even after deleting it still shows Bug Fixed
  10 . Bug Fix .
  11 . Etc

 Version 5.4 (Only through Mail.) [14/01/2021]
  1 .  Send Order On Whatsapp Added.
  2 . Customer App Ui Updated .
  3 . About Us, Terms and Condition, Refund & Cancellation
     pages Added .
  4 . Address and phone no Added Customer App .
  5 . Customer App Search Improved .
  6 . Saas web load issue fixed .
  7 . Bug Fix .

 Version 5.3 [07/01/2021]
 1. Translation Bug Fixed.
 2. Store Admin Panel Transactions added.
 3. customer login base added for 6.0 update.
 4. Bug Fixes.

 Version 5.2 [26/12/2020]
 1. View Order Page Tax Service Charge Details Added.
 2. Iphone input field Responsive Error.
 3. Bug Fixes.

 Version 5.1 [25/12/2020]
  1. Razorpay Payment Gateway Added.
  2. Customer App Details Page Bug Fixed.
  3. Store Owner Product Page Price Bug Fixed.
  4. Waiter Call Notification Added.
  5. Customer App Stroll Issue Fixed.
  6. Store Owner Product Page Search Added.
  7. Currency Position ( Left / Right) Added.
  8. Addon , Addon Category Delete Option Added.
  9. Product Edit Addon Category Select issue Fixed.
  10. Empty image Updated.
  11. Various Bug Fixes

 Version 5.0 [21/12/2020]
  1. Translation management Added.
  2. Notifications for new orders Added.
  3. Store wise currency Added.
  4. Complete app UI for store/restaurant portal, user app has been Changed
  5. Restaurants can collect tax and service charges from the customers
  6. Sound Notification
  7. Various Bug Fixes

 Version 4.4 [10/12/2020]
  1. Waiter Call Bug Fixed.
  2. Category Wise Page Added.
  3. Toastr Notification Added.
  4. Privacy Policy Page issue Solved.
  5. Decimal Issue Fixed

 Version 4.3 [04/12/2020]
 1. Bug Fixes.

 Version 4.2 [27/11/2020]
  1. Store App Order Accepting Option Added.
  2. Waiter Call Option Added.
  3. Table code Added for avoid fake orders
  4. Table Wise Report
  5. 4.0 Update issue solved. 
  6. Bug Fixes.

 Version 4.0 [04/11/2020]
  1. Home Page Premium Ui Added.
  2. Addon (check box and Extra) Added.
  3. Recommend list Updated.
  4. Ready to Serve Button Added.
  5. Date Format Changed.
  6. Whatsapp Notification Settings Added.
  7. Whatsapp Notification for Store Owners Enable option.
  8. Cache Settings Added.
  9. Clear Application Cache Added.
  10. Realtime Update CustomerStatus.
  11. Auto Refresh every 10sec Store Dashboard.
  12. Order Status Screen for Kitchen Added.
  13. Auto Refresh every 10sec Store Order Status Screen.
  14. Recent Customers Table Added.
  15. Privacy Policy Table Changed.
  16. Pricing Page Ui Updated.
  17. Translater Base Added.
  18. Bug Fixes.

 Version 3.2 [26/10/2020]
  1. Qr Code Table No print Option Added.
  2. Privacy Policy Page Added.
  3. Bug Fixes.

 Version 3.1 [08/10/2020]
  1. Customer Ui Updated.
  2. Dark and Light Mode Added.
  3. Detail View Page Added.
  4. Comment Recipe Option Added.
  5. Category Filter Added.
  6. Detail View Page Recommended Item Added.
  7. Recommanded View Updated.
  8. Product List View Updated.
  9. Store Web Panel Product Delete Added.
  10. Category Delete Added.
  11. Subscription Edit Bug Fixed.
  12. Order View Page Customer Details Added.
  13. Admin Panel Store List View Address
      and Description Removed
  14. Bug Fixes.

 Version 3.0 [30/09/2020]
  1. Registration Page Added.
  2. Pricing Page Added.
  3. Home Page UI Changed.
  4. Admin Dashboard New Registrations Added.
  5. Admin Dashboard Expired Stores Added.
  6. Subscription Add,update,enable,desable Added.
  7. Site Settings Added.
  8. Account Settings Added.
  9. Admin Change Password Added.
  10. Payment Settings Added.
  11. Subscrption Payment Gateway Added.
  12. Store Dashboard Pending Order Accept option Added.
  13. Subscription End Added Dashboard.
  14. Subscription End Notification popup Added Dashboard.
  15. Promo Banner Added.
  16. Table Management Added.
  17. Subscription Plans buying system Added.
  18. Subscription History Added.
  19. Store Settings Added.
  20. Store Change Password Added.
  21. Order Option enable Desable Added.
  22. Add field bug fixed.
  23. Auto Suspand option Added after subscription enddate.

 Version 2.2 [12/09/2020]
  1. Admin Panel ui updated.
  2. Store Panel ui updated.
  3. Logout issue fixed.
  4. Bug Fixes.

 Version 2.1 [01/09/2020]
  1. Fixed guest app Image issue.
  2. Gust App ui chaged.
  3. Orders Status Added.
  4. Added restaurant owners panel qr-printing .
  5. Slider Size updated.
  6. Added qr-code printing screen ui.
  7. Bug Fixes.

 Version 2.0 [25/08/2020]
  1. Store app product list page issue fixed.
  2. Admin dashboard total summary added.
  3. Restaurant owners web login added.
  4. Restaurant owners web dashboard summary added.
  5. Restaurant owners web Order Management Added.
  6. Restaurant owners can accept reject orders.
  7. Restaurant owners can print orders.
  8. Guest Qr Ordering System added.
  9. Guest App Order Tracking and Cart Added.
  10.Guest app ui improved.
  11.News Slider added guest app.
  12.Index page email address show issue fixed.
  13.Guest App function changed laravel to react js.
  14.Gust Can Track previous order with mobile no.
  15.Table no and customer details saving option added.
  16.And a lot of un-tracked improvements...

 Version 1.2 [10/08/2020]
  1. currency symbol bug fixed
  2. Sliders added to digital menu
  3. disable enable restaurants
  4. Digital Menu ui updated.
 Version 1.1 [08/08/2020]
  1. Settings tab added in admin panel
  2. Slider Panel added
  3. Subscription system updated
  Version 1.0 [06/08/2020]
     First Release

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