WooCommerce USAePay Payment Gateway


Usaepay wordpress plugin extension allows you to accept Standard Payments, Subscriptions and Recurring Payments in WooCommerce via USAePay API Integration.

USA ePay is an ECI Certified, Real-Time, Credit Card Processing Gateway.

Secure, Fast and Reliable, the USA ePay Gateway is a vital solution to help your merchants process Credit Card Transactions online from anywhere in the world.

Plugin Features

  • Usaepay Secure Credit Card Processing – Securely process credit cards without redirecting your customers to the gateway website.
  • Process Usaepay Subscriptions – Use with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to create and manage products with recurring payments.
  • Pay via Usaepay Saved Cards – Enable option to use saved card details on the gateway servers for quicker checkout. No sensitive card data is stored on the website!
  • Usaepay Refund via Dashboard – Process full or partial refunds, directly from your WordPress dashboard! No need to search order on gateway login.
  • Usaepay Credit Card Sale command supported
  • Usaepay Credit Card Authorization command supported
  • Usaepay AuthOnly Transaction supported
  • Usaepay Multi-Currency Supported
  • Transaction API Integration

Live Demo

Demo USAePay Payment Gateway

Online Documentation

  1. How to Setup WooCommerce USAePay Payment Gateway


Please use the dedicated support section on CodeCanyon.




= 2.2.1 (12 Feb 2021) =
* UPDATE: Additional UMip Transaction API request param

= 2.1.1 (03 Jan 2021) =
* FIXED: rollback the old version refund

= 2.1.0 (29 Dec 2020) =
* UPDATE: auto charge when then the order status is completed

= 2.0 (10 Dec 2020) =
* UPDATE: Removed old version
* FIXED: Refund

= 1.18.11 (5 Nov 2020) =
* UPDATE: Transaction API override subtotal
* UPDATE: Transaction API  $1 authorization
* UPDATE: Transaction API  re-auth+capture
* UPDATE: USAepay Library

= 1.17.10 (3 May 2020) =
* UPDATE: Transaction API UMisRecurring included in request api

= 1.16.10 (17 Mar 2020) =
* UPDATE: WC 4.0.0 tested

= 1.15.10 (23 Feb 2020) =
* UPDATE: Transaction API Cardholder name
* UPDATE: Transaction API Order Description

= 1.14.10 (28 Jan 2020) =
* FIXED: Fix Bug save token 
* FIXED: cc:save to cc:sale for UMsaveCard

= 1.14.9 (29 Nov 19) =
* UPDATE: Transaction API Add payment method in my account
* UPDATE: Transaction API change payment method in for subscription order
* FIXED: Transaction API create subscription order using an existing token

= 1.13.8 (30 Oct 19) =
* NEW: Transaction API Integration 
* UPDATE: USAePay Two way integration 
* UPDATE: Bring back old stable version 1.10.6 USAePay PHP Library integration 
* REMOVE: REST API Integration.  

= 1.12.7 (28 Sept 19) =
* UPDATE: REST API code enable multi-currency functionality

= 1.11.7 (25 July 19) =
* UPDATE: payment remote call to REST API
* UPDATE: Admin Settings key inputs to password type
* FIXED: PHP7 error.
* TESTED: WordPress Version up to 5.2.2
* TESTED: WooCommerce Version up to 3.6.5
* TESTED: PHP 7 Version up to 7.2.20
* TESTED: MySQL Version up to 5.6.41-84.1
* TESTED: WordPress Multisite

= 1.10.6 (24 Dec 18) =
* UPDATE: remove and update all deprecated functions and calls.
* FIXED: fixed card validation in the subscription.
* FIXED: fixed cvv2 in the subscription.
* UPDATE: Add Extra links online documentation and support
* TESTED: WordPress up to 5.0.2
* TESTED: WooCoommerce up to 3.5.3

= 1.9.6 (21 Aug 18) =
* FIXED: preg_replace /e modifier error. Use preg_replace_callback() instead.
* UPDATE: Subscription/Recurring process capture the AuthOnly Transaction.
* TESTED: WordPress up to 4.9.8
* TESTED: WooCommerce up to 3.4.4

= 1.8.5 (05 july 18) =
* New: Add New metabox to process and capture the AuthOnly Transaction
* UPDATE: Remove Capture an AuthOnly Transaction Command in the settings
* UPDATE: implement new refund order connecting post meta key _usaepay_refnum
* UPDATE: Expired purchase code notice dismiss the update

= 1.7.5 (02 dec 17) =
* New: Multisite Supported 
* New: Add New settings CodeCanyon Purchase Code Activation.
* UPDATE: Options to set Accepted Card Logos
* FIXED: Refund
* FIXED: credit_card_form is deprecated since version 2.6
* FIXED: Pay for order customer payment page

= 1.6.4 (02 may 17) =
UPDATE: Multi-Currency Implemented.

= 1.5.4 (28 march 17) =
FIXED: Bugs for Stock Reduction Issue.
FIXED: Existing CCSale Error ( Standard Checkout).
FIXED: Existing CCSale Error ( Subscription/Recurring Checkout).

= 1.5.3 (14 march 17) =
FIXED: Bugs for not registered customer on checkout.

= 1.5.2 (25 feb 17) =
UPDATE: Shipping address included to usaepay.
UPDATE: Checkout reference order ID change to Order Number.

= 1.4.2 (16 feb 17) =
UPDATE: Auto Detect if order is virtual. the order status is automatically complete after payment. 
UPDATE: Removed Order Status Setting 

= 1.3.2 (23 December 16) =
UPDATE: Subscription/Recurring standard one-time payments Removed.
UPDATE: Subscription/Recurring Re-Code for Tokenization Implemented.
UPDATE: Auto Detect Subscription/Recurring Products Implemented.
UPDATE: Credit Card Payment Tokenization for customer future payments Implemented.
UPDATE: Refund Payment Implemented.
UPDATE: Option to set enable test mode Implemented.
UPDATE: Option to set enable name on card Implemented.
UPDATE: Option to set enable save card Implemented.

= 1.2.2 (29 march 16) =
UPDATE: Source PIN Settings Implemented.
UPDATE: Log Events Request and Response for debugging Implemented. 

= 1.1.1 (25 june 14) = 
UPDATE: Support Subscription and Recurring Payments ( Requires: WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin 1.4.5 or higher )
UPDATE: New settings implemented option to select ( processing or completed ) auto update/changed the order status after payment complete.
UPDATE: New settings implemented option to select Transaction Processing Command types.
UPDATE: New settings implemented option to set Enable/Disable USAePay Accepted Card Logos.
UPDATE: New settings implemented option to set send customer recurring billing receipt.

= 1.0.1 (12 june 14) =
FIXED: "Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context" has been fixed for WooCommerce version 2.1.11 .

= 1.0 (9 june 14) =
INIT: Initial release version

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