WP Slidenotes Plugin

Screenr: http://screenr.com/1Y6
Demo: http://demo.davoscript.com/?page_id=17

Slidenotes lets you add fancy sliding notes into your wordpress posts, pages or text widgets using a simple and customizable shortcode.


[slidenote text="Click me!"]The Slidenote content goes here[/slidenote]

The shortcode will create a slidenote, also it will render the trigger text, which will make the slidenote slide-in into the content when clicked or hovered.


  • text: [slidenote text="My text"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • from: [slidenote from="right"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • event: [slidenote event="hover"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • width: [slidenote width="200"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • height: [slidenote width="150"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • top: [slidenote top="50"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • marginin: [slidenote marginin="50"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • marginout: [slidenote marginout="50"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • closebutton: [slidenote closebutton="no"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • closetext: [slidenote closetext="Hide"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • closealign: [slidenote closealign="left"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • duration: [slidenote duration="1000"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • autohide: [slidenote autohide="1000"]slidenote content[/slidenote]
  • customclass: [slidenote customclass="my_css_class"]slidenote content[/slidenote]

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