WORKSUITE – HR, CRM and Project Management

Worksuite aspires to be your one-stop business solution to handle and automate as business tasks and save your time so that you give more time to core business decisions.

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 1

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 2

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 3WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 4WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 5WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 6

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 7

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 8

WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management - 9

Built using Laravel 7+

Download the file to check app requirements on server

$20 (USD) extra for installation.


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Admin Login:

Password: 123456

Employee Login:

Password: 123456

Client Login:

Password: 123456
  • Manage customers and leads. Track client projects, invoices, proposals/estimates.
  • Add your company’s employees, track their attendance and manage their leaves.
  • Create contracts with clients with e-signatures.
  • Create projects, add project members and track the project progress, expenses, earnings, timelogs, tasks, milestones.
  • Kanban taskboard to visualise work and tasks.
  • Project gantt chart to plan the project schedule.
  • Convert the invoices to credit notes which can be redeemed.
  • Create products which can be used in invoices and can be purchased by clients.
  • Tickets can be raised by employees and clients which are assigned to ticket agents to get it resolved.
  • Messages section for internal chats
  • Slack, pusher and one signal integration for real time notifications
  • Theme settings to style the app to reflect your brand
  • Receive payments via PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay gateways
  • Create custom roles with custom permissions for employees.
  • Various reports for tasks, timelogs, finance, attendance, leaves
  • Tons of other configurable options

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