HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist

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This versatile audio player offers HUGE amount of customization options and layout possibilities.

Player ads supports for all HTML5 audio formats to Soundcloud, RSS Podcasts, iTunes, Apple HLS m3u8 Live streaming, Youtube audio and video, and radio sources including Shoutcast, Icecast and Radiojar.

Load playlist from HTML markup, XML, JSON, database, automatically ready folder with audio files including ID3 metadata. Load audio sources from Google Drive, Amazon S3 or any public link that plays in the browser. Mix different audio sources in the same playlist. Load new playlist at runtime.

Use it as single audio player, or with full playlist support. Use the player anywhere in the page, stick it to page bottom or open the player in a popup window and listen music continuously across your webpage.

Player responsive nature will adapt to any screen size and any device, whether you are on desktop browser, tablet or on your mobile phone.

Player is packed with a large amount of features and customization options from different layouts, skins, color customization, social sharing, powerfull API for controling playback, different audio platforms, playlist support, and more…

Features and options:

  • Destop, mobile and tablet support (fully responsive)
  • jQuery 1.7.x – jQuery 2.+ / 3.+ Compatible
  • Conditional script loading (improves usability and performance)
  • Highly customizable with HTML and CSS
  • Any icon support in player (SVG, font awesome, material design, image icons…)
  • Only mp3 audio format required for all browsers and devices (other supported formats include wav, aac… etc)
  • Support for media from Google Drive, Amazon S3.. (any public link that plays in browser)
  • Song statistics (plays, likes, downloads, finishes)
  • Playlist options available:
    • Audio playlist (mp3, aac, wav..)
    • XML playlist
    • JSON playlist
    • Playlist from folder of audio files (id3 tags)
    • Google drive playlist
    • Podcasts RSS
    • iTunes
    • SoundCloud
    • Apple HLS Live Streaming m3u8
    • Youtube audio and video music
    • M3u playlist
    • Radio support (Shoutcast, Icecast, Radiojar)
  • Playback options:
    • random playback
    • loop playlist, single audio, off
    • playback speed
    • start / end time
    • AB loop
  • Load more options on total scroll in playlist
  • Support for multiple audio ads before, during and after song plays (random)
  • Mix different media types in the same playlist
  • Audio advertisements (play ads during song)
  • Play music continously across web pages:
    • by remembering playback position (single dong / whole playlist)
    • with option to open player is a separate popup window
  • Automatically hide currently playing audio source to prevent audio download
  • Support for multiple instances in the same page
  • Optional keyboard audio navigation (pause/play, mute/unmute, next, previous)
  • Social sharing (facebook, twitter, tumblr, whatsapp)
  • API methods
  • Callbacks


SoundCloud requires API key (make sure you have one or that you can obtain it from SoundCloud)

This is a jQuery plugin. If you would like a WordPress audio plugin we have several to choose from:

Some other jQuery audio players recommendations:

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 3.7 [19.3.2020]

 - [FIX] whatsapp desktop warning message
 - [ADD] player settings can now be passes with query string (parameters begins with "hap-")
 - [ADD] create playlist from query string parameters 
 - [UPDATE] support for folder sub-directories
 - [UPDATE] audio ads are not part of global table so they can be added to any player or playlist
 - [UPDATE] support for multiple audio ads before, during and after song plays (random)
 - [UPDATE] controls disabled while ad plays (user cannot skip track)
 - [UPDATE] shuffle button now has 2 tooltips for better mobile experience (Shuffle on, Shuffle off)
 - [ADD] ads progress bar and advertizing message
 - [ADD] "folder accordion type playlist" - read folder with multiple subfolders (albums) of audio files and display them as accordion in the player (each accordion item is one playlist)
 - [ADD] new skin - "brona" (light, dark)

VERSION 3.35 [20.2.2020]

 - [FIX] shuffle not working
 - [ADD] support for m3u playlist with audio files
 - [ADD] option to get album cover art for song if missing
 - [UPDATE] new callbacks 

VERSION 3.3 [13.2.2020]

 - [FIX] Icecast artist missing
 - [ADD] disable song skip
 - [ADD] multiline title option
 - [ADD] option to prefix relative audio urls
 - [ADD] rememeber playback position for whole playlist
 - [ADD] example demo with image icons, font-awesome, material icons, ionicons
 - [ADD] audio advertisements 

VERSION 3.2 [4.2.2020]

 - [UPDATE] new skins
 - [UPDATE] radiojar get artwork from metadata 

VERSION 3.1 [14.1.2020]

 - [UPDATE] new universal skin 
 - [UPDATE] looping update (loop playlist, single, off) 
 - [ADD] load playlist from JSON
 - [ADD] audio widget
 - [ADD] gutenberg block
 - [ADD] shoutcast, icecast, radiojar support (automatically retrieve song title, artist and artwork from metadata)
 - [ADD] playback rate slider in player
 - [ADD] a-b loop (range)

VERSION 2.65 [27.10.2019]

 - [ADD] load more option for folder
 - [ADD] description, duration, date fields available for Soundcloud and Podcast
 - [ADD] finish count for statistics (what songs have been listened to the end)

VERSION 2.6 [18.10.2019]

 - [ADD] thumbnail alt text
 - [ADD] more global playlist options (playback rate, start / end time)
 - [ADD] load more option for self hosted media
 - [ADD] load media by media-id API

VERSION 2.5 [24.9.2019]

 - [ADD] playlist is stored in browser to limit API requests for Soundcloud and Podcast
 - [ADD] load more option for Soundcloud and Podcast
 - [ADD] optional protected media urls from page source (url encryption)
 - [ADD] play Youtube audio and video music
 - [ADD] Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) support 

VERSION 2.07 [23.4.2019]

 - [FIX] xml playlist

VERSION 2.06 [23.3.2019]

 - [UPDATE] some code improvements

VERSION 2.05 [10.3.2019]

 - [UPDATE] added font-awesome namespacing to prevent conflicts
 - [ADD] song statistics (plays, likes, downloads)

VERSION 2.0 [19.2.2019]

 - [ADD] conditional script loading (improves usability and performance)
 - [ADD] option to sort folder playlist by filename/date (asc/desc)
 - [ADD] load more option for soundcloud and podcast
 - [ADD] option to minimize player on page scroll and keep fixed bottom position
 - [ADD] new player layouts
 - [UPDATE] overall code improvements

keywords: radio player, shoutcast, icecast, radiojar, audio player, mp3, live streaming, soundcloud, rss, podcast, responsive

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