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WooCommerce Bitrix24 CRM Integration is a Bitrix24 integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your WooCommerce orders directly to your Bitrix24 account. After the integration, created the orders are automatically added as lead or deal to the specified account in Bitrix24, together with additional data.

Benefits of our plugin:

Benefits of our plugin


  • Integrate your `WooCommerce` orders with Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Integrate your `WooCommerce` customers with Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Works with any edition of Bitrix24 CRM (except for the free plan, since from January 1, 2021, Bitrix24 changes the conditions).
  • You can choice that your want to generate – lead or deal.
  • Creation of the deal, occurs together with the creation / binding of the contact and the company. (if their fields are filled).
  • Creation of notifications in Bitrix24 CRM when adding a lead and deal.
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (including custom fields).
  • Sending data about the products in order to the lead and the deal.
  • Supports for sending order status changes.
  • Supports for getting order status changes from CRM (via Outbound webhook).
  • Multiple deal pipeline support.
  • Bulk order sending capability.
  • Sending in two modes: immediately upon checkout / status change, or with a slight delay via `WP Cron`.
  • Supports use `utm` params from the `URL`.
  • Supports for sending `GA Client ID`.
  • Supports for sending order coupon list.
  • Supports for sending vendor name `Dokan`.
  • Supports for sending vendor name `WC Marketplace`.
  • Supports for sending voucher code `WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers`.
  • Supports for sending `Order notes`.
  • Image previews.
  • Super easy to set-up!

Important notes:

  • The plugin requires a minimum 3.* `WooCommerce` version.

How do I get updates?

For information about the new version and the installation of updates, you can use the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



WooСommerce Bitrix24 CRM Интеграция это плагин интеграции с Bitrix24 для WordPress, который позволит вам легко отправить ваши WooCommerce заказы в ваш Bitrix24 аккаунт. После интеграции, создаваемые заказы будут автоматически добавлены, как лид или сделка в указанном аккаунте Bitrix24, вместе с дополнительными данными.

Преимущества нашего плагина:

Преимущества нашего плагина


  • Интегрирует `WooCommerce` заказы с Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Интегрирует `WooCommerce` клиентов с Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Работает с любым тарифом Bitrix24 CRM (кроме бесплатного тарифа, так как с 1 января 2021, Bitrix24 изменяет условия).
  • Вы можете выбрать, что формировать – лид или сделку.
  • Создание сделки происходит вместе с созданием / привязкой (если уже есть существующий) контакта и компании. (если поля заполнены)
  • Уведомления в Bitrix24 CRM при создании лида или сделки.
  • Поля загружаются из CRM (включая пользовательские).
  • Отправка данных о товарах из заказа в лид/сделку.
  • Поддержка отправки изменений статуса заказа.
  • Поддержка получения изменения статуса заказа из CRM (через Исходящий вебхук).
  • Поддержка нескольких направлений для сделок.
  • Возможность ручной массовой отправки заказов.
  • Отправка в двух режимах: сразу при оформлении/смене статуса или с небольшой задержкой через `WP Cron`.
  • Поддержка `utm` параметров `URL`.
  • Поддержка отправки `GA Client ID`.
  • Поддержка отправки списка купонов из заказа.
  • Поддержка отправки имени продавца для `Dokan`.
  • Поддержка отправки имени продавца для `WC Marketplace`.
  • Поддержка отправки имени кода ваучера для `WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers`.
  • Поддержка отправки данных из блока `Заказ заметки`.
  • Изображения для предпросмотра.
  • Очень легко настраивается!


  • Для работы плагина требуется плагин `WooCommerce` версии не ниже 3.*

Как получать обновления?

Для информации о новой версии и установки обновлений, вы можете использовать плагин от Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.

== Changelog ==

= 1.39.0 =
Feature: using the new API to find duplicates (existing entities) by phone and email.

= 1.38.3 =
Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.9
Chore: added new filter `wc_bitrix24_plugin_wp_cron_order_event_timeout_wait_before_submit`.
Fixed: sending data about a discount value in the product position of a lead / deal.
Feature: send by wp cron (with a delay) or immediately.

= 1.37.1 =
Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.8 / WP 5.6
Feature: the ability to disable the addition of sku to the product name when sending to crm.

= 1.36.2 =
Chore: added new filter `wc_bitrix24_plugin_do_not_send_order`.
Chore: added new filter `wc_bitrix24_plugin_order_item_xml_id`.
Feature: added new option - `order_edit_admin_link`.

= 1.35.8 =
Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.6
Fixed: possible problem with duplication of phone / mail when updating the lead.
Chore: minor improvements in downloading the log through the admin panel.
Fixed: use of `undefined` method `get_subtotal` for order items with the `fee` type.
Fixed: send deal fields.
Fixed: maybe billing/shipping field has no label.
Fixed: removal of actions listening to order changes when processing an outbound webhook.
Chore: more logs outbound webhook processing.
Feature: added new filter `wc_bitrix24_plugin_send_tax_info`.
Feature: sending data about a discount value in the product position of a lead / deal.
Feature: update existing contact when submitting order data.

= 1.32.1 =
Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.4
Feature: added new options - `order_product_sku_list`, `order_total_weight`.

= 1.31.1 =
Fixed: get first product title.
Feature: supports send ATUM - order items purchase amount.
Feature: ability to disable sending status changes.
Feature: optional sending changes by fields when sending status changes (or order changed) for a lead / deal (after the first data sending).

= 1.28.3 =
Fixed: added delay when processing bitrix24 event, since adding a note also raises an update event this can create an incorrect behavior with a reverse change in order status.
Fixed: show state checkbox `add admin link` in the deal fields.
Chore: show deal/lead id in order list.
Feature: new send type - `Deal + Contact (without searching for an existing contact, always create a new one)`.
Feature: saving the id of the created / found contact to the customer’s user on the site (if there is a user).

= 1.26.5 =
Fixed: ignore meta data is array.
Fixed: ignore meta data is object.
Chore: added notice if `status mapping` not configured.
Fixed: create / update a contact when user registering / updates profile information.
Fixed: an error in the html structure, which created a problem when saving the settings.
Feature: reset fields cache by button without cron.

= 1.25.1 =
Chore: use composer autoloader.
Feature: multiple responsible for type lead and deal.
Chore: more logs.
Feature: support for `GA Client ID`.

= 1.23.3 =
Chore: added helper method `itglxWcbx24UpdateDealStageAssociatedWithOrder`.
Fixed: do not apply the deal stage if the pipeline is different.
Chore: the ability to not fill out the list of products, only send the deal amount.
Feature: compatibility with `CartFlows Pro`.

= 1.22.3 =
Fixed: check whether the sending was by lead/deal type.
Fixed: compatibility with `Saphali Woocommerce Russian`.

= 1.22.0 =
Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.

= 1.21.0 =
Feature: supports send vendor name `WC Marketplace`.

= 1.20.1 =
Fixed: stop create contact if main data is empty.
Fixed: resolve raw meta values.

= 1.20.0 =
Feature: support for sending items from the admin block `order notes`.

= 1.19.4 =
Fixed: compatibility with `WooCommerce Checkout Manager`.
Fixed: filling in the value for the text field, if multiple is enabled.
Chore: more flexibility for deal/lead title.
Fixed: check maybe there is no method `mb_strpos`.

= 1.19.0 =
Feature: support for sending fee items.

= 1.18.4 =
Fixed: compatibility with upload field `Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce`.
Fixed: compatibility with `Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce`.
Fixed: rounded price transfer based on wc setting `price_num_decimals`.
Fixed: `order_id` value in field list.

= 1.18.0 =
Feature: ability to specify a template for the name of the lead / deal.

= 1.17.1 =
Fixed: getting real payment method title.

= 1.17.0 =
Feature: ability to go to the deal / lead from the notes to the order on the site.
Feature: ability add a link to the order on the site in the comment to the deal / lead.

= 1.16.1 =
Fixed: compatibility with `Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce`.

= 1.16.0 =
Feature: ability to re-send the products from the order when changing the order status.

= 1.15.0 =
Feature: reduced the number of orders for bulk send at once to save memory.
Fixed: clearing empty field.
Fixed: handling deleted products when sending orders.

= 1.14.3 =
Fixed: change the priority of the hook when receiving the status of the order from CRM, since sending the mail did not work.
Fixed: processing order meta data.
Fixed: processing contact bitrix requisites.

= 1.14.0 =
Feature: ability to send the order number in a separate field.

= 1.13.3 =
Fixed: round tax value.

= 1.13.2 =
Fixed: integration with `WooCommerce Memberships`.
Fixed: fired send when renew order `WooCommerce Subscriptions`.

= 1.13.1 =
Fixed: logging object response.

= 1.13.0 =
Feature: create / update a contact when user registering / updates profile information.
Fixed: tax processing (when tax is included in the price).

= 1.12.1 =
Fixed: generate contact address requisites.

= 1.12.0 =
Feature: ability to use any meta field from order.

= 1.11.0 =
Feature: ability to send a list of subscriptions `WooCommerce Memberships`.

= 1.10.7 =
Fixed: tax processing.

= 1.10.6 =
Fixed: populate set values for fields of type "list".

= 1.10.5 =
Fixed: compatibility with `Woo Checkout for Digital Goods`.

= 1.10.4 =
Fixed: compatibility with `WooCommerce Shiptor`.

= 1.10.3 =
Fixed: processing of additional data on products for sending in comments.

= 1.10.2 =
Fixed: compatibility with `TcoWooCheckout WooCommerce Checkout Manager`.

= 1.10.1 =
Feature: use `utm` params from the `URL` in any fields.

= 1.10.0 =
Feature: use of shipping method in the fields.
Feature: use of payment method in the fields.
Fixed: shipping method with zero cost was not sent.

= 1.9.3 =
Feature: using the name of the first item in the order in the fields.

= 1.9.2 =
Feature: compatibility with `WC Fields Factory`.

= 1.9.1 =
Fixed: incorrect processing of the `source` field in a deal.

= 1.9.0 =
Feature: Getting lead/deal status changes from CRM (via Outbound webhook).

= 1.8.1 =
Feature: added a check for the existence of the lead / deal before the update, if it does not exist, a new one is created.

= 1.8.0 =
Feature: compatibility with ` WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options`.
Feature: adding SKU to the product name.

= 1.7.0 =
Feature: added the ability to log requests to CRM (disabled by default).

= 1.6.0 =
Feature: added new field `order_coupon_list`.
Feature: added new type `Deal + Contact` (without company).
Feature: supports send product attribute values by first product.
Feature: supports send voucher code `WooCommerce - PDF Vouchers`.
Feature: supports send vendor name `Dokan`.

= 1.5.1 =
Chore: added `user-agent` header to requests.

= 1.5.0 =
Feature: Populate the value of the `bitrix` list field from the checkout field.

= 1.4.1 =
Fixed: compatibility with `Booster for WooCommerce` custom checkout fields.

= 1.4.0 =
Feature: Bulk sending orders to CRM.

= 1.3.1 =
Fixed: compatibility with `WP Crowdfunding`.

= 1.3.0 =
Feature: Support for sending status changes.
Feature: Support for multi pipeline for the deal.

= 1.2.0 =
Feature: Support for cost of delivery.

= 1.1.0 =
Feature: Support for `utm` params in `URL`.

= 1.0.0 =
Initial public release

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