Multi Institute Management

Multi-institute-management is a comprehensive plugin to manage the multi branches and single institute related activities such as courses, batches, enquirers, registrations, fees, students, staff, inquiry reminder, etc. It can generate fee receipts, fees report, ID card, completion certificate, etc. in a printable format. Administrators can be assigned to manage particular records. Also, you can send Email and SMS notifications to students by batch, course, pending fees and more. Students can pay their fees with PayPal, Paystack, Stripe or Razorpay payment methods.

Payment Gateways: – PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, Paystack

SMS Carriers: – Nexmo, SMS Striker, Infigo Point, Infigo Msg, Textlocal, EBulkSMS

Multi Institute Management can manage all institute activities in a single site. MIM is a completely web-based online Institute management system. This plugin can manage multiple institutes directly from your WordPress website. Also, you can assign admins to manage individual institutes. It is an Education Management Software that will provide you with a powerful solution for the entire educational institution. It is a management information system which helps to manage the different processes in any educational institution.

Multi Institute Management provide 4 dashboards.

1. Super admin => Can manage and view all the institutes, add new institute, assign admins and modify all details of the institutes.

Super Admin Login : username / Password => userdemo / userdemo

2. Admin ( Branch / Institute ) Dashboard => In this dashboard, admins can manage all the activities of a single institute assigned to them.

Admin ( Branch / Institute ) Login : username / Password => institute-manager / [email protected]

3. Staff Dashboard => Staff can perform all activities of institute assign by admin.

Staff Login : username / Password => staff-manager / [email protected]

4. Student dashboard => Student can view notices, study material, exam results, pending Fees and deposit the pending fees via Payment Gateway such as Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay etc..

Student Login : username / Password => student / 123456

multi-institute multi-institute multi-institute

Additional Features

  • Expense Management – Keep records of daily expenses by adding title, amount and date of expense. View daily, weekly, monthly, yearly expense report.
  • Invoice Management – Generate invoices for fees. Add fees either as monthly based or as one-time amount and distribute to students. Create fees receipts for invoices.
  • One-time & Monthly Based Fees – Each fee type like course fees, bus fees etc. can be either monthly based or one-time fee.
  • Shortcodes for Admit Card, ID Card, Certificate Forms – Use shortcodes to display admit card form, ID card form or certificate form on pages where students can enter their enrollment numbers to view admit card, id card or certificate.
  • Print Admit Cards, ID Cards, Certificates on Front Page – Students can view and print their ID cards, admit cards or completion certificates on the font page with student login.

Multi Institute Management Documentation & details.

School Management

School Management

Multi Institute Management Features :


Update History

  • Ver 4.7 (05-Feb-2021)
    -Added : Certificate Date issued placeholder.
  • Ver 4.6 (1-Feb-2020)
     -Fixed : Fee Type issue.
    -Added : Bulk Deletion For students, fee, batch, courses, Exam, study material, enquiries, expense etc.
  • Ver 4.5 (28 Jan 2020)
    -Added : Certificate Batch selection bug fixed.
  • Ver 4.4 (20 Jan 2020)
    -Added : Certificate in separate tab added.
    -changed: old Certificate is removed now you have to config layout for certificate.
  • Ver 4.3 (22 Dec 2020)

    - Updated : Phpmailer.
    - Nexmo   : API Package Updated.
  • Ver 4.2 ( 20 July 2020)
    -Fixed : Course table error.
    - Added : SMS field in auurumdigital Channel, Route.
    - Added : Added noticeboard SHORTCODE.
  • Ver 4.1 (02 july 2020)

    -added : sms api auurumdigital.
  • Ver 4.0 (04 May 2020)

    -Fixed admit card issue
  • Ver 3.9 (05 March 2020)

    -Added institute registration number field
    -Registration number added in Admission Form, Fee Receipt, Admit Card
  • Ver 3.8 (04 March 2020)

    -Set courses status directly when updating institute
  • Ver 3.7 (03 March 2020)

    -Added Enquiry Reminders in Dashboard.
    -Added Reference field in Enquiry
  • Ver 3.6 (27 Feburary 2020)

    -Assign courses to institute by administrator
    -Restrict institute to add, edit or delete courses
    -Added Paystack payment gateway
  • Ver 3.5 (31 December 2019)

    -Added CSV export and Print option in Report.
  • Ver 3.4 (27 December 2019)

    -Added EBulkSMS SMS carrier.
  • Ver 3.3 (26 December 2019)

    -Added multiple batch selection in attendance report.
  • Ver 3.2 (25 December 2019)

    -Added in report enquiries.
    -Added in enquiries follow up and note.
  • Ver 3.1 (20 December 2019)

    -Added new template to send birthday wishes to students.
    -Added multiple batch selection when taking attendance.
  • Ver 3.0 (19 December 2019)

    -Added datepicker when adding new invoice.
    -Added datepicker when adding new fee installment.
    -Added outstanding fees invoice report - date wise
  • Ver 2.9 (11 December 2019)

    -Fixed batch validation error when course is less than a month
  • Ver 2.8 (10 December 2019)

    -Added Textlocal SMS provider
  • Ver 2.7 (27 November 2019)
    -Added MsgClub SMS provider
  • Ver 2.6 (30 October 2019)strong>
    -Fixed Monthly Fees Bug

  • Ver 2.5 (25 September 2019)
    -Allowed Ended Batches when adding Students
  • Ver 2.4 (30 August 2019)
    -Updated License Code
  • Ver 2.3 (13 July 2019)
    -Added New Shortcode for Exam Results By Name
  • Ver 2.2 (02 July 2019))
    -Added Optional Roll Number Field Setting
  • Ver 2.1 (28 June 2019)
    -Monthly Fees Validation Bug Fix
  • Ver 2.0 (19 June 2019)
    -Added Custom Registration Date Field
    -Added Custom Signature Upload Functionality
  • Ver 1.9 (17 June 2019)
    -Added Certificate Shortcode
  • Ver 1.8 (03 June 2019)
    -Added ID Card Shortcode
  • Ver 1.7 (25 May 2019)
    -Added Admit Card Shortcode
    -Added Admit Card in Student Dashboard
    -Added Admit Card in Admin Dashboard
  • Ver 1.6 (03 May 2019)
    -Fixed ID Card Layout in mobile devices
  • Ver 1.5 (24 April 2019)
    -Fixed Validation Issue When Adding a Batch
  • Ver 1.4 (26 Mar 2019)
    -Export Student Records to PDF, CSV
  • Ver 1.3 (01 Mar 201
    -Added Reset Plugin Functionality
  • Ver 1.2 (25 Feb 2019)
    -Added Monthly Fees and Invoices
  • Ver 1.1 (21 Feb 2019
    -Added Envato License Check
  • Ver 1.0 (20 Feb 2019)
    -New Release

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