Android Music Streaming (Pro Version)


* Version 2.1

Admin login: USER: admin PASSWORD: 123456



Music Streaming source code A mobile application for online and offline play music with an attractive modern interface. will bring you a great experience. With the suusoft player, you can also easily expand into a radio app or streaming app.


  • Modern home-style drapes
  • The play mode changes the image according to the song
  • Fast speed, smooth because the task is running in the background.
  • Player smart, convenient at the bottom
  • Easy to extend and customize

  • Home top, top artist, top album, playlist with attractive modern UI
  • Show detail song, artist, album …
  • Smart player with smooth touch – now playing
  • Queue song: users can add songs that will play in the queue
  • Favorite your song
  • Download song in the background
  • Playing the song in the background with the notification
  • Bottom player: With a smooth touch, the bottom player gives you an enjoyable experience.
  • The song filter
  • Backend: Mange song, artist, album …
  • Offline music
  • Admob feature

Platform: Android, Web PHP
Tool: Android studio,




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