Mailchimp Builder – Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

Mailchimp Builder – A smater way to create a Mailchimp form.

Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 1Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 2Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 3Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 4


  • Support Popup
  • Support Double Opt-in
  • Support Redirect url
  • Support (14) typeof fields
  • Unlimited Color
  • Modern, Classic, Flat, Ouline styles
  • Square, Round, Rounded shapes
  • Custom message
  • Custom validate and message for each fields
  • Ajax based forms
  • Multi account and list on same page
  • Sample data
  • Documentation online

Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 5

Mailchimp Builder - Addon WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) - 6


2021 - Feb - 08
feature Clipboard Function
feature About Class
improvement Core 1.4.1
improvement minor CSS for component
bug-fix minor CSS

2021 - Jan - 25
feature link to Support and Guide for about-page in backend
improvement Style for about-page in back-end
improvement  Core version 1.4.0
bug-fix minor css

2021 - Jan - 05
improvement style button in admin panel
improvement html-Dom Class to 1.9.1
improvement  Core version

2020 - Dec - 09
improvement style for about page
improvement style for settings page
improvement  Core version 1.3.9
bug-fix javascript button delete
bug-fix javascript button add

2020 - Oct - 16
improvement  Core version 1.3.8
improvement  UI
bug-fix  Compatible with WP 5.5.1
bug-fix  Compatible with Colorpicker

2020 - Aug - 12
improvement  Core v1.3.7
improvement  Style form in plugins settings
improvement  Update items in about-page
bug-fix  Conflict CSS with WPB

2020 - July - 28
improvement  Core v1.3.6
improvement  Tab navigation for Option settings page
improvement  "About" page
bug-fix  Minor javascript

2020 - June - 12
feature  Add new shortcode
feature  Get data shortcode
improvement  Shortcode email

2020 - May - 19
improvement Button submit
improvement Default values ​​when customers do not enter.
improvement Short code Wpbakery

2020 - May - 6
improvement BestBug Core
improvement Border style of email, text fields, first name, last name, address, birthday, date, drop-down, image, phone, radio, website, Zipcode
bug-fix CSS front end

2020 - April - 13
improvement get and processing data on event save API
improvement clean the input data save API
bug-fix Save API
improvement Css removes all API

2020 - March - 31
improvement get and processing data about page
improvement clean the input data
improvement add submenu

2020 - March - 12
feature Slide Shape button
feature Rotate Shape button
feature Scale Shape button
improvement Js for shortcode submit
improvement Improve CSS for the form

2020 - February - 27
feature Option Input Border
feature Option Input Background
improvement Core 1.3.5
improvement Js for Form
improvement Css for label

2020 - February - 10
feature Encodes data
improvement Core 1.3.4
improvement Sample Data
improvement Notice messenger

2020 - January - 30
improvement Api about page
improvement Link Author
improvement Documentation
improvement Input text

2020 - January - 16
feature Sample Data
feature Notice messenger
improvement Core 1.3.3
improvement Documentation

2020 - January - 03
improvement Popup
improvement Check function exit
improvement Rating
bug-fix Input text

2019 - December - 16
feature Color manage
feature Google font
improvement Core 1.3.2
bug-fix About page

2019 - December - 05
feature About
improvement Core 1.3.1
improvement Posttypes
improvement Webhook

2019 - November - 18
improvement Options Label Display
improvement Birthday
improvement Address
improvement Email

2019 - November - 01
feature Option Label Font-size
feature Rating
improvement Icon for shortcode
improvement Option Label Color

2019 - October - 03
feature Css for Outline
feature Css for Modern
feature Icon for shortcode
improvement Core v1.2.9
feature Option Label Color

2019 - September - 05
improvement Mailchimp view
improvement Simple HTML
improvement Core v1.2.8
improvement Added the delete multiple items function

2019 - August - 01
feature Mailchimp options
improvement Save API
improvement Edit API
improvement Core v1.2.7

2019 - July - 10
feature Class BATCH
feature Mailchimp view
feature Add API Mailchimp
improvement Core v1.2.6

2019 - June - 10
feature Posttypes
feature Webhook
improvement Core v1.2.5
improvement Simple HTML Dom Lib 1.9

2019 - May - 21
feature Shortcode FisrtName
feature Shortcode Dropdown
feature Shortcode Birthday
improvement Core v1.2.4

2019 - April - 4
feature Added the delete multiple items function
improvement Improve HTML input shortcode email
improvement Simple HTML Dom Lib 1.8
improvement Core v1.2.3

2019 - March - 13
feature Js for Form
feature Css for label
improvement Documentation
improvement Core 1.2.2

2019 - Jan - 8
improvement Ajax js
improvement Css for shortcode Index
improvement Css for shortcode Phone
improvement Core

2018 - December - 5
feature Ajax js
feature Css for shortcode submit
feature Js for shortcode Radiobutton
improvement Core

2018 - October - 30
feature Shortcode Image
feature Shortcode Form
improvement Shortcode Radiobutton
fix-bugLoad core

2018 - October - 21
feature Shortcode Lastname
feature Shortcode Index
improvement Update core
bug-fix Shortcode Submit

2018 - 7 - 20
feature Shortcode Radiobutton
feature Shortcode Phone
improvement Shortcode Zipcode
improvement Update core 1.1.3

2018 - 6 - 7
feature Shortcode Textfield
feature Shortcode Submit
improvement style form-control in admin
bug-fix Redirect after subcribe

2018 - 2 - 15
feature Shortcode Zipcode
feature Shortcode Website
improvement update Documentation
bug-fix php 7.x

2018 - 1 - 29
feature Update core
feature Add Dom
feature Add Simple HTML
feature Update Documentation

2018 - 1 - 15
feature Clear string
feature Clear array
improvement Link
bug-fix Load before Visual Composer

2018 - 1 - 6
feature CSS for the form
feature CSS responsive
feature Shortcode custom CSS
bug-fix minor javascript
bug-fix minor CSS

2018 - 1 - 5
feature Html for form
feature Popup
feature Check function exit
feature Add changelog

2018 - 1 - 1
feature Init.

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