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This is a jQuery banner rotator plugin featuring multiple transitions.
The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners/ads.
The banner rotator is also re-sizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters.


  • Multiple transitions available. Also can set a different transition per slide.
  • Able to load unlimited number of images,
    each with customizable text description,
    tooltip, and hyperlink.
  • Show or hide components,
    including play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, text panel,
    and tooltip.
  • Can set to automatically play on startup with customizable timer delay.
    Also, can set a different time delay for each slide.
  • Banner, thumbnails, and buttons are all resizable.
  • Text description panel can be set at different location and size.
  • Embed links and images inside html text description box.
  • Control panel can be set at different location.
  • Configurable tooltip for each thumbnail.
  • Can set text description and control panel to appear on mouseover.
  • Block & stripe sizes are configurable.
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