iWP-DevToolz v2 ~ WordPress Plugin Maker

We've released version 2, give it a try!

WordPress Plugin Maker (stand-alone tools) can build a complete plugin code and also you can develop a WordPress Plugin that customized features very quickly. like image size, custom post type or database, toolbox (metabox), admin bar (toolbar), shortcode and quicktags, plugin option, widget front-end/back-end, WP Ajax nopriv & auth, insert CSS, insert JS, Top-level admin menu, tinymce plugin and other.

for complaints and frequently asked questions please read the Support Tab.

The Basic Concept of How To Use it:

Getting started http://ihsana.com/products/plugin-maker/docs/getting-started.html

Code Explanation: http://ihsana.com/products/plugin-maker/docs/code.html#code_php

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 1

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 2

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 3

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 4

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 5

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, don’t hesitate to contact us:
info@ihsana.net or
info@ihsana.com,, We will try our best to reply within one business day.

iWP-DevToolz ~ WordPress Plugin Maker - 6

Change Log

iWP-DevToolz v2

- Improved: Nginx Compatibility
- Improved: Short Codes (TinyMCE)

iWP-DevToolz v1

- Update JQuery

- Add option for disable debugger

Rev 19.11.30
- Remove: REST-API Plugin 
- Add: REST-API Option to Post Type

Rev 18.12.28
- Improved: REST-API Meta Post

Rev 18.09.26
- Improved: Categories and Featured Images

Rev 18.02.09
- Fix Error Reporting

Rev 17.05.15
- Remove WP Editor in option 
- WP Editor in metabox

Rev 17.01.11
- Add new features REST-API 2

Rev 17.01.11
- Fix media upload and multi-upload

Rev 16.12.17
- Add new feature taxonomies menu


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