Stickers for signal app with admin panel

Attraction /Core Features / Why to Buy this Product

  • Zero Configuration / No Database – This app runs with backend admin panel, which no requir to create MySql or any database, No connectivity need to provide. All Admin pane and app managed by one single JSON file.
  • More Faster than other apps – This app works very well. Because it has its own banifits. Such as bellow

    • When you create Your new pack using admin panel, it generates webp files itself
    • When you create Your new pack using admin panel, It auto generate multiple size images (90X90 etc.) wich referes to main sticker file. And App referes that small sizes images to preview stickers
  • No coding Knowledge Required – Full documentations with video tutorials are provided for the SetUp.
  • Notifications – With the help of Firebase, You can send notification to all App users, Even you can send notification with reference of Any sticker pack (In this case if user clicks on notification , respective Sticker Pack will Auto-Open).
  • Full video documentation with ‘How to create signal stickers and upload it to admin panel’

Other Features

  • Very Easy to ingigrate very short php code
  • Admob Ads
  • Light waight
  • Designs – All Banner, logo and Screenshot PSD files included.
  • Attractive Backgrounds, gradient and colors & more.
  • App is Efficient and easy to use.


Signal Stickers App with admin panel – Create and Shares amazing Signal stickers for WhatsApp .

Stickers for signal app with admin panel - 1

Stickers for signal app with admin panel - 2

For any query, suggession please feel fee to reach out us at

Stickers for signal app with admin panel - 3

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