Dynamic Keyword Insertion for Drupal 8

This Drupal module uses shortcode to grab the keyword used to trigger your Adwords ad and insert it into your Drupal page where the shortcode is.

If no keyword is found, a default phrase or word is inserted instead.

Drupal short code usage: [keywordinsert listenfor=”keyword” default=”default phrase”]

and add the following parameter to your Adwords Ad URL Options: ?keyword={keyword}

If your Adwords Ad URL Options already have parameters (i.e. there is already a ? in the URL, add &keyword={keyword} to the end of the URL.

You can listen for any parameter in the destination URL: [keywordinsert listenfor=”mykeyword” default=”default phrase”] and add the following parameter to your Adwords Ad destination URL &mykeyword={keyword}

{keyword} is an Adwords parameter which passes on the search term to your landing page, is grabbed and inserted by the WordPress Dynamic Keyword Insertion plugin.

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