Universal Transporter Apps


Universal Transporter Apps is Micro Online Transportation System
Everyone can have a small business transportation and delivery service sector, it doesn’t have to have many vehicles and a large company.
Exclusive passenger shuttle application with GPS is made for those of you who want to provide convenient and practical transportation services for your own version as the owner. Service your customers with intelligence features for your company / travel agency. and order management that is simple, practical, focused on the services order.


  • For Travel Agency
  • Pickup for tourist go to trip spot
  • Goods delivery (Expedition service business)
  • AirCrew shuttle transportation from the hotel or from home to the airport
  • For delivery of restaurant food orders.
  • Car Rental
  • Product distribution etc.

Service Features :

Universal Transporter Apps - 1
Universal Transporter Apps - 2
Universal Transporter Apps - 3
Universal Transporter Apps - 4

This application system is Fully Fronted and Backend management for cloud based and self-hosted (Not plugins for CMS), you can install it on your VPS, Hosting or webserver support PHP & MYSQL programs. You just have to install the full source and create an SQL database for data storage.
When Develop app for android or iOS source must using Hybrid app for show the page from website, can detect GPS position and support for Mobile browser User Agent

Please change the logo and application name according to your company name or your brand, there are installation and usage tutorials that help you understand how the whole works.
You can change Price rate per one Km for any vehicle Services car, motorcycle, cargo, food delivery.
Designed for cross platform so you can make it for Android, iPhone, Windows app, and smart watch applications after this app system already online in your servers

Why Universal Transporter Apps?

Universal Transporter Apps - 5
Universal Transporter Apps - 6

Demo for Android APK
Apk for passengers app
demo passengers account can use:
email: passengers@gmail.com
password: 1234

Apk for Drivers app
Demo driver Account can use:
Email: drivers@gmail.com
password: 1234

Or Signup with google button

Administrator Account can open on link:
Email: admin@barisandata.com
Password: 1234

For Details Technical Installation and manual guide, please follow this link:

How to make Android App or Ios App with Source code

Please read FAQ for custom this source for android and Ios App
Universal Transporter Apps - 7

Update Version XIV(Posted Dec 15, 2020)
- Upgraded Native GPS Engine
- Android Studio Project Files Target for API 30 Android 10+
- Fix small bug english text
- Terminated Eclipse Android Developer Tools project package

Update Version XIII(Posted Nov 6, 2020)
- New icon Design
- Repair bug change admin password

Update Version XII(Posted Sept 28, 2020)
- Bug repair markers on responsive themes

Update Version XI(Posted Agust 04, 2020)
- Repair Bug issue Delete drivers and administrator
- Repair Bug bad english language on balance account

Update Version X(Posted May 26, 2020)
-Repair wd with maximum value on balance 
- Forget password users send to email can change on web based 
- Add new theme Creative Responsive app admin backend

Update Version IX(Posted May 04, 2020)
- Repaired Print all data Food 
- Report sales performance every Food item on Administrators(owner) Apps

Update version VIII(Posted April 13, 2020)
- Repair bug save profile and location drivers
- Update style food list admin backend
- Update menu order with analytics and statistics with google chart pie and line

Update Version VII(Posted March 19, 2020)
- Repair distance sensors location based service request app drivers
- repair minimum widhrawal driver is $1 USD

Update Version VI(Posted March 11, 2020)
- Updated Bootstrap 4.1.3 modules, better finance management for searching word or account number in payment balance passengers and drivers
- repair small bug on drivers app choose manual option save cordinates when not using GPS

Update Version V(Posted February 28, 2020)
- Upgrade UI/UI Rounded corner Design for passengers app
- Fixing bug profile picture on admin panel

Update Version IV(Posted February 1, 2020)
- Autosave ip for automatic login when already login
- Registration Using phone verification

Update Version III(Posted January 8, 2020)
- Upgraded Source Supported for PHP 7.1 + and more higher with Mysqli database for best security 
- Repaired bug Verification Phone. User can Verify phone by Security code send via Email 
- Update Destination maps with Nearby Location for fast searching adress (Administrator setting change Latitude andLongitude Service city) 
- Included file .Htaccess support any server condition

Update Version II(Posted December 27, 2019)
- Repair Bug Balance button on Driver App
- Repair Alert on English language

Get Support?

  • Support from Barisandata Team
  • Support time: Monday – Sunday
  • Support for installation on hosting
  • Support for Custom name, Icon app, icon menu and Build to Apk
  • Response Time: 24 hours

    Item support does not include:

  • Customization Change UI design or Change workflow
  • Develop new app for 3rd parties’ extensions

    Regular Licence & Extended Licence

    Regular licence for purchases that follow the update from Support team

  • Installation to another hosting servers
  • Add payment gateway
  • Change menu, icon, and app name
  • With regular licenses, you buy this item according to the description and are free to Self develop it for your business interests
  • When want to update to a higher version and more features, just download with Regular Licence
  • Extended Licence is Transform and Development full apps for your company bussiness like Redesign Database Architecture, Redesign Flow, or re bult this app with different PHP Framework for example:

  • Add modules Artificial Intelligent, Financial Analyst System, Expert System or many customization versions of your company
  • Create app Pickup patient with Ambulance car and drop off to Hospital center.
  • Change vehicle role for Boat.
  • Join for more apps like CMS, or another projects.
  • Modification apps for job bidding, car repair services or anythings
  • With Extended Licence All custom forms are your patent, you can sell it on your client’s software buyer. And we don’t have the right to use your project.

    we found that there are lots of blogs and websites that copy descriptions from Universal transporter apps items with small source code files between 10MB and 20MB that are not original files

    The original file, which can only be purchased from Envanto Market with a size of more than 100MB, is a full source with a complete library inside

    Why People consider choosing our service?

    1. We are transparent with item features and bug fixes updates
    2. If there are bugs, we handle client requests one by one
    3. Stop guessing what features your users are interested in, it’s our job to update app features to adjust global interests and regulations.
    4. Stop buying large capacity servers at high prices. When operating, this Source and users data is less than 1 GB each year.
    5. We place great importance on the privacy of your company
    we use the development model with blockchain so that each different project from the client can be handled professionally

    Wanna Brainstorming, discuss how a system needed by the world in the future?
    Please leave your comments, you can also contact the developer in the email barisandataintegrasi@gmail.com

    Universal Transporter Apps - 8

    Live PreviewDownload Now

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