Planet Space

Space Planet
Game for iOS based on Unity 2D engine.  It’s endless type game you need dodge rocket, asteroids and another enemy’s. Collect coins to get points. Сatch coin star to can bye skins.
Game has shop, you can bye 4 skins for player and you always can add more.
You will immerse yourself in a space atmosphere that will delay you for one day. Enjoy advance, keep your mind! Cool cute design.
Unity project. Scripts write on C#. Project has documentation.
Game has AdMob ad’s. You can easily add ads in each of the game’s scenes. Banner and interstitial. GameCenter support. Thanks to him, you can maintain a rating between players. A good opportunity for competition between players. Also thanks to this, you can track your achievements in the game.
The game has a Share function to increase players.
Easy to edit and reskin. Just need to change the pictures and you will have a new game.
The game has settings with which you can turn sounds or music on and off.
– For launch project and edit it Unity 2019.4.0f1
– For launch Xcode build 11.5.
– For launch competed game iOS 8.0 or higher.
– You can easy change settings all of game process.
– Easy for reskin.
- You can contact us for solve your problem.

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