Tiny Round Game Template

Tiny Round is a simple tap game where you must tap screen to jump around the world while avoiding things in your way!.

Collecting stars to unlock another characters and explore another 120 challenging level.

Very simple game yet insanely addictive! It will get harder overtime, meaning it will keep you glued to the screen as well!

Demo APK


  • Full Game
  • 64bit Support
  • Good Assets
  • 120 level
  • Android R ( API 30 ) support


  • Admob Intertitial Ads 
  • Admob Banner Ads
  • Admob Reward Video Ads


  • Android Studio 4.1.1
  • Xcode
  • Buildbox 2.3.12 or higher (NOT BUILDBOX 3)


  • Change Package ID, App Name, icons, graphics and sounds
  • Set up Data and ADS ID
  • Make sure replace game name and package name with YOUR OWN to avoid strike on store
  • Build
  • More Included on file documentation

Live PreviewDownload Now

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