Password manager App With Firebase and Admob

Password Manager App With Firebase And Admob

This is a password manager app where you can generate the most secured password and save it to the database for future use. If you are looking for an app source like Dashlane or Larapass, this is the perfect one for youYou can consider it as the clone of Larapass or Dashlane. There are tons of features added to this app. Let’s check what features do we have in this app source.



  1. Splash screen with beautiful and customizable animation.
  2. User authentication with email and password using Firebase.
  3. Generating a strong password and click to copy feature.
  4. Save it with the website name to the firebase database.
  5. See the list of the saved database for the specific user.
  6. Automatically adds the website icon at the icon section
  7. Search the desired password with one single character.
  8. Swipe to delete from Database.
  9. Logout and Save log in details for autologin.
  10. Awesome Loading Animation.
  11. Admob Banner and interstitial ads with different sizes.
  12. 24/7 support via Whatsapp and email.
  13. Fully updated and beginner-friendly documentation.

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