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Version 1.6.0 – released on 10 October 2020
– feature: control terms and conditions popup;
– feature: export transactions to CSV/PDF;
– feature: added option to print transactions;
– feature: control phone number requirement;
– feature: added option to disable unsupported credit cards;
– improvement: updated UI design;

Version 1.5.0 – released on 22 May 2020
– feature: added option to redirect customer after payment to custom URL, managed in plugin settings
– feature: added option to create services for which customers can select their own amount to pay (donations mode), including in online forms
– improvement: replaced deprecated AIM method with new API
– improvement: added compatibility with Optime theme
– bug: CVV hint image path fixed
– bug: Fixed issue with not displaying thank you message on the thank you page

Version 1.4 – released on 25 November 2019
– added PHP 7+ support

Version 1.3 – released on 13 November 2015
– Google reCaptcha added
– widget compatibility with WP 4.3
– Sandbox connection issue adjusted

Version 1.2 – released on 1 July 2015
– recurring subscriptions fix
– added customerIP address to one-time payments
– fixed AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd:length error
– added fix for admin transactions sync
– updated prettyPhoto library to v3.1.6 (security patch)

Version 1.1 – released on 16 December 2014
– fixed issue with payment description and customer name not passing
– replaced all mysql_ queries with proper wordpress db queries
– replaced mail() function with native wp_mail() for all notifications
– added “thank you message” from settings to the emails and on thank you page
– replaced the_editor() with wp_editor()
– all undefined variables / deprecated messages fixed

Version 1.0 – released on 11 July 2014
– address bug fix for recurring profiles (now address is properly passed to ARB)
– one-time payment address fix
– test mode switch bug fix

27 June 2014
Initial release

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 8

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 9Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 10Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 11Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 12

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 13Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 14

Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress - 15

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