Avada Builder – Arctic Bundle of Elements & Add-ons for Avada Live (v7+)

Compatible with WordPress 4.6+ & Avada 5.0+!

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Expand your possibilities with a growing selection of unique Fusion Builder elements for the best-selling Avada theme

Gain access to a growing selection of elements by ArcticLune to use in your Fusion Builder pages, including Before/After, Reviews & Testimonials, Notification & Pop-up, with more coming soon. Future updates and new elements are included with your purchase!

Compatible with Avada's Fusion Builder - version 5.0 and above required

As with Avada v5, you must have PHP v5.3+ for this plugin to function correctly.

Ticket-based support and helpful documentation

This item comes with excellent support—we won’t leave you in the cold!

Features - Includes the Following Elements...Before/After ElementReviews and Testimonials ElementNotification and Pop-up Element
Visit our website for news on upcoming elements!View live demo

More Features - Mobile-friendly, Auto-updates, Flexible Design, Developer-friendly

*one-step registration required using a valid item purchase code

Improve your Avada websites with this value-packed set of unique and inspiring elements. Purchase the Fusion Builder/Avada Element Bundle from ArcticLune today!

For more details on what’s changed in each element, consult the included documentation file or changelog available from the WordPress plugins page.

Change Log

This item adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[2.0.7] – 2020-02-13

- Avada 6.2 support for Duo Button

[2.0.6] – 2019-12-30

- New features added to the Image Magnify element

[2.0.5] – 2019-12-19

- New features added to the Reviews and Testimonials element

[2.0.4] – 2019-11-21

- New features added to the Image Magnify element

[2.0.3] – 2019-10-24

- Updated to include new Device Mockup element.

- Animations should now work as expected.
- New ArcticLune elements will be automatically activated on the Fusion Builder > Settings page.

[2.0.2] – 2019-09-25

- Delayed notifications now appear as expected

[2.0.1] – 2019-09-18

- Fixed auto-updater showing update after previously updating
- Fixed notification bar text

[2.0.0] – 2019-09-18

- Added support for Avada Live v6 Compatibility

[1.3.7] – 2019-07-24

- Added support for WPML

[1.3.6] – 2019-01-02

- Updated to include the new Snow, Particle & Image Window Effects plugin.

[1.3.4] – 2018-10-07

- General fixes

[1.3.3] – 2018-10-07

- General fixes

[1.3.2] – 2018-10-07

- General fixes

[1.3.1] – 2018-10-05

- Fixed issues with Avada 5.7

[1.3.0] – 2018-09-17

- Updated to include new Image Magify Loupe element.

[1.2.1] – 2018-06-20

- Added QR Code element

- Removed admin panel from individual plugins to save space

[1.2.0] – 2018-06-01

- Added new Duo Button element

[1.1.6] – 2018-06-01

- General fixes

[1.0.3] – 2018-04-14

- Content update for admin menu panel


- introducing v1.0.0 of the ArcticLune admin panel
- bundle is now its own plugin that includes all Fusion Builder elements and add ons
- if Avada is registered and purchased on the same Envato account, it will be recognized and enable automatic updates; if purchased on a different account, an option is available to add an API key to still benefit from this feature.


Released Avada 5.1 updates, additions, and fixes to all elements.

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