Pixel Breaker – HTML 5 – Construct 3 Game


The game is ready to be published on your site, just copy the HTML 5 folder

Construct 3 Source Code


  • Mobile control
  • Mouse control
  • Works on HTML5 browsers and mobile devices (Android and IOS)
  • Included Construct 3 source file

What you get

  • Construct 3 File with commented Code
  • HTML5 files ready to be uploaded to your server
  • Full HD Resolution 1080×1920 portrait mode
  • Easy to re skin
  • Ready for mobile devices (Android and IOS)
  • Construct 3 C3P File Included
  • Mouse and Touch Controls

How to play:

  • Choose a level by touching or clicking it
  • When the level starts, tap or click anywhere on screen so the ball will start going up
  • Touch or click and hold anywhere on screen so the bottom paddle will follow horizontal axis
  • If the ball goes to the bottom of the screen you’ll lose a life
  • You start with 5 lives, if you lose all of them you’ll be back at the first screen

How to publish on your site:

  • Rename the HTML 5 folder to any name you like (don’t use space or special characters)
  • Upload the entire folder you renamed to your site (Check your host provider for FTP access)
  • That’s it!

All levels are pre built in construct json format:


Those json files will be loaded in an array (The array size: 12,20,2)

The area of pixel will be, 12 blocks width and 20 blocks height

The “Depths” of array are divided in two parts

The first one is for the position of the blocks on screen and the number of hits it can take before breaks, and 0 will not spawn


The second one is for the colors of the blocks, in rbg format (255,255,255) – From 0 to 255


There’s the result of this example:


If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking.

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