Perfex Zoom Meeting Module

Perfex Zoom Meeting Module

Please note that this is not a standalone script, it requires PerfexCRM installed, as this is just a module for PerfexCRM.

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Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 1


Single Zoom global account that can be used by all staff and Admin member to create zoom meetings

Other Supported Features

Admin Features

  1. Admin can create meetings
  2. Admin can give view permission to staff to view meeting list.
  3. Customer being notified by email invite
  4. Staff being notified about meeting via email and Prefex notification

Customer UI

  1. Customers can add their own zoom account
  2. Customers can see the list of zoom meetings


  1. Can view a list of meetings generated by Admin

Feel free to check out the demo.
Demo can be found at

Password: 1234

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Installation Details

Download the purchase zip folder then browse to Setup-Modules in perfexcrm installation and upload the zip folder using modules screen.

More Details can be found in below video:

Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 2

After logged in you will find the Zoom Menu in left sidebar in Adminpanel.

Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 3

Generating API Key and Secret

For this plugin you’ll be using JWT token method to make the API connection. Please note, this method is only account level connection.

1. First goto

2. Click on Develop on top of the page and build app page if you directly did not go into page

3. Click JWT and “Create”

App MarketPlace

5. Click Create

6. On the next screen you should see Information, App Credentials, Feature and Activation menus

7. Fill in your basic information about the App.

8. On the Credentials Page. Copy both API key and API Secret after you have filled all the details in information page.


Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 4
Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 5
Perfex Zoom Meeting Module - 6

Change Log

Zoom v2.0

- Fixed issue of conflict
- Roles support added
- Now you can create meeting by selecting customer, staff 
- Customer get notified by email
- Staff get notification and email
- Added additional setting options for meeting
- Revamped UI
- Customer can add their own zoom account

Zoom v1.0

  • Fixed the table view in meeting list
    • Added search
    • Fixed responsiveness issue
  • Delete Meeting issue has been fixed
  • Added support to send meeting invite to registrant
  • Added meeting join link option
  • Added meeting Delete link option

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