PHP FTP File Browser / Manager / Editor

PHP FTP File Browser / Manager / Editor (min. PHP 7.2 or higher)

What is this?

This PHP script is a “FTP-Client” in your browser using jQuery etc. You can embed it in your software or just host it as a public FTP client. With the client you are able to connect, edit, download, delete folders/files and much more. The design was made with Bootstrap and is responsive.


  • Can connect to any FTP in passive mode (SSL or Non-SSL)
  • You can specifiy: Host, User, Pass, Port & SSL
  • You can specify the file extensions which are allowed in the editor
  • You can upload files
  • You can edit files in the client itself (Syntax Highlighting)
  • You can download files from the client
  • You can delete folders & files
  • You can create folders & files


Minimal requirements
Min. PHP Version 7.2 or higher

1.2: Added upload function
1.1: Fixed context menu download item – didn’t init download before

1.0: First release.

Live PreviewDownload Now

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