Newspaper – Responsive News, Magazine and Blog CMS Script

“Newspaper” is complete solution for any kind of News, Magazine and Blog Management System. This CMS Includes almost everything you need. “Newspaper” is fully responsive for any device with four attractive template. No Framework is used to develop this system so any developer can add any feature very easily. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge. “Newspaper” allows multiple admin with different roles. It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers. This script creates an unique session for each login every time and checks login session is valid with this system or not. So there is no question about session hijacking.

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Website Demo:

Admin Demo:

Admin Login:
User: [email protected]

Key Features

1. Menu Builder:

  • Frontend Menu can be sort dynamically.
  • Just drag the menu and put it into anyware thats it.

2. Pages:

  • Page can be add from here.
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be delete

3. Categories:

  • Categories can be manage from here.
  • Can be add
  • can be modify
  • can be delete

4. Sub categories:

  • Sub Category can be manage from here
  • Can be add
  • Can be Modify
  • can be delete

5. Add Post:

  • All Type of post can be add from here
  • Post can be use as article
  • Post can be use as Audio
  • Post can be use as Video
  • Post can be use as Trivia Quiz
  • Post can be use as Personality Quiz
  • Post can be use as Sorted List
  • Gallery can be add from here
  • Can be Manage Gallery from here
  • Can be add Gallery Album
  • Can be add Gallery Category
  • Can be Add Gallery Image
  • Can be modify
  • Can be delete

7. posts

  • Delete
  • Add Into Slider,Breaking,Feature,Slider Rightli>
  • Remove Into Slider,Breaking,Feature,Slider Right
  • List of Post
  • all Posts
  • Slider posts
  • feature Posts
  • Breaking Posts
  • Pending Posts
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be Delete

8. Schedule Post:

  • List of Schedule Post
  • Can be modify
  • can be delete

9. Draft:

  • List of Draft
  • Can be modify
  • can be delete

10. Rss Feeds:

  • List of Rss Feeds
  • Import Rss Feeds

11. Polls:

  • List of polls
  • Can be add
  • can be modify
  • can be delete

12. Widgets:

  • List of widgets
  • Can be add widget
  • can be modify
  • can be delete
  • Control over Widgets

13. Adverisment Spaces:

  • List of ads
  • Can be add
  • can be modify
  • can be delete

14. Newsletter:

  • List of All Subscribers
  • Send Email To subscribers

14. Languages:

  • Admin Language
  • all Admin Languages
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be Delete
  • Make Default One Language
  • Frontend Languages
  • all Languages
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be Delete
  • Make Default One Language

16. General Settings:

  • Logo
  • language Base Logo
  • Favicon
  • Loader
  • Website Contents
  • Popular Tags
  • Footer
  • Error Page

17. Social Settings:

  • Modify Social Links
  • Google Login
  • Facebook Login

18. Email Settings:

  • Configure Email Settings

19. SEO Tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Website Meta Keywords

20. Sitemap:

  • List Of sitemaps
  • Post Sitemaps
  • Categories Sitemaps
  • SubCategories Sitemaps

21. Font Option:

  • List Of Fonts
  • Can be make default one font as default font

22. Role Managements:

  • List Of Roles
  • Can be Add Roles
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be Delete

23. User Management:

  • Users
  • List Of Users
  • Can be add User
  • Can be Modify
  • Can be Delete
  • Administrator
  • Can be Modify Own Info

24. Clear Cache:

  • Clear the cache of this system

25. System Activation:

  • Activation
  • Generate Backup

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