TeamWork – Project Management System

TeamWork is a project management system that facilitates ease in keeping a on project progress. Maintenance of projects becomes easier by assigning leads to concerned staffs.

Demo link:
user: [email protected]
pass: admin123456

user: [email protected]
pass: client123456

user: [email protected]
pass: staff123456

TeamWork - Project Management System - 1

TeamWork - Project Management System - 2

TeamWork - Project Management System - 3
TeamWork - Project Management System - 4
TeamWork - Project Management System - 5

TeamWork - Project Management System - 6


  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Zoom Meeting
  • New Meeting Create
  • Upcoming Meeting List
  • Live Meeting List
  • Previous Meeting List
  • You can create/edit/delete a zoom meeting only admin users permitted.
  • TeamWork
  • Projects management
  • Clients management
  • Staffs management
  • Task List (Add New List, Edit and Delete) in Task Board
  • Task List (Drag and Drop)
  • New task (Add a task, Edit and Delete)
  • Task (Drag and Drop)
  • Task (Move the task)
  • Change Task Status
  • Task Activity (Comments and Attachment)
  • Task history
  • New task assigned email notifications the staff
  • Task removed email notifications the staff
  • Project (Create, Edit and Delete)
  • View Project Details
  • Project (Start Date and End Date) deadline
  • Project Status(Inprogress, Completed and Timeout)
  • Add Project Description
  • Project invite notifications
  • Project deleted email notifications the project creation staff
  • Client (Create, Edit and Delete)
  • Client Profile View
  • Staff (Create, Edit and Delete)
  • Staff Profile View
  • Staff Active/Inactive Option
  • Staff Roles (Admin/Staff) Option
  • You can create/edit/delete a milestone only admin users permitted.
  • Only view invoice staffs and clients a permitted.
  • Milestones
  • Invoice management
  • Track paid & unpaid invoices
  • New staff awaiting review email notifications the administrator
  • New account pending review email notifications the staff
  • Staff Active/Inactive email notifications the staff
  • Account deleted email notifications the staff
  • Unlimited Color
  • Easily Label and Message changeable
  • Google reCAPTCHA (Enable/Disable) Option
  • Mail Setting (Enable/Disable) Option
  • Mail subject and body easily changeable
  • Web and email notifications
  • All reports on Dashboard
  • Professional email template include
  • One Click Installation
  • and more…

Software Requirements

  • Apache with PHP and MySQL Server
  • PHP >= 7
  • PDO PHP Extension


-v 1.2.0 (23/01/2021)
-Added Stripe Payment Method
-v 1.1.1 (21/08/2020)
-Zoom Meeting features added
-New Meeting Create
-Upcoming Meeting List
-Live Meeting List
-Previous Meeting List
- v 1.1.0 (10/04/2020) 
- New features added
- Client login system
- Client sign up system
- Client management
- Milestones
- Invoice management
- All reports on client Dashboard
- v 1.0.0 (11/01/2020) 
- Initial Release 


If you have any questions about this Teamwork – Project Management System, please feel free to contact with me via email : [email protected]

Thanks so much!

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