Speedy Fish – HTML5 Mobile Game

Speedy Fish – HTML5 Mobile Game

is a fun and lively game.
Dodge the hook and collect all the stars

Are you ready?


Works on any mobile device

Game made in Construct 3

How to play

Use the arrow keys or buttons on the screen
to move the fish and avoid obstacles
Collect the stars to earn more points

Easy installation
The ZIP package contains the game with a resolution of 800×528, scaled to fit on a complete device-oriented screen.

The game is completely customizable, from Skins to Branding.
All source code is included so you can easily make changes or hire us to customize the game for you.


Technical details
This game was developed in Construct 3


No coding needed
Resolution: 800×528
keyboard or touch.
Works on all platforms (mobile, PC, etc.)
Simple and easy way to add or replace images
Game made in high definition
Construct file 3 included
Sound effects
Game has 59 events in 4 event sheets.
Easy Export to Android and iOS

What do you get

  • Construct 3 files with commented code
  • Game to install on your device
  • Documentation – How to add it to your website



I will help you to modify whatever you want, with low cost
email: fabrizioabreu@live.com

Here are some itens I recommend 



Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 1


Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 2


Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 3

Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 4

Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 5

Speedy Fish - HTML5 Mobile Game - 6











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