Mega Menu For Elementor

Mega Menu For Elementor is all in one package for any type of menu. It has a Default type and One Page type. If you are planning to create a landing page and want to link different sections of your page then this plugin is for you.

Mega Menu For Elementor

Mega Menu For Elementor - 1

This plugin has Navigation Menu Element and Mega Menu Extension. There is sticky navigation available with 4 variations. If you need vertical navigation to insert some post or product category inside a specific page then use Vertical Layout. Sometimes you need an Off-canvas menu with Hamburger icon, just select your desired device for hamburger menu and it’s done.

Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor

Navigation Menu for Elementor Tutorial

Create Mega Menu in Elementor
Create Sticky Menu in Elementor

Mega Menu for Elementor

Sticky Navbar: Create an awesome header with a section and you can stick the full section using Master Mega Menu. There are different types of sticky navbar variations. On Scroll Sticky, Smart Scroll, Fixed on Scroll, Fixed top – select anyone which you need for your landing page.

Navigation Layout: There are two layouts available horizontal, and vertical. The horizontal menu used for topbar and main navigation. But we have noticed some sections where you need a vertical menu like product category or post category inside a landing page.

Menu Alignment: There are left, right, and center alignment for the menu. Select the proper alignment regarding your concept.

Hamburger menu: In some cases, you may need a Hamburger menu for your desktop version. Just select desktop from the Hamburger menu option and it will be applied automatically. There are three Burger Menu Location, Expandable Under Top Header, FullScreen on Entire Page, and Offcanvas Panel. First, two types are default but if you select Offcanvas panel then you able to see more variation. Select if you prefer to showcase offcanvas menu in left or right.


  1. Arrange Mega Menu Using Elementor Editor
  2. Multiple Variation of Sticky Menu
  3. Horizontal and Vertical Navigation Menu
  4. Click and Hover Menu trigger
  5. Mobile Menu Logo
  6. Mobile logo height & Width
  7. Hamburger Menu For Desktop
  8. Hamburger Menu Background
  9. Custom Height and Menu Background style
  10. Custom Typography For Menu
  11. Alignment not working in hamburger menu
  12. Justify alignment works like center
  13. Sticky nav not working
  14. Tablet layout not working like desktop

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