Amazing HRM & Payroll

Click on live Demo link here: Amazing HRM & Payroll - 1
This application based on new Latest Laravel 7.0 Framework. Human Resource Management system(HRM) & Payroll has become one of the most important tools for any corporate environment. It’s very easy for any kind of businesses and helps to keep the HR & Payroll department clean and clear. Amazing HRM & Payroll software is not just a visualize it’s now become an essential software for maintaining every corporate office. Any company can use it for their regular tasks, employee workforce management and account management.
Amazing HRM & Payroll is designed latest security Technology and it is ready for high availability web application.

For documentation Go here: Documentation

Amazing HRM & Payroll - 2

Amazing HRM & Payroll - 3

Amazing HRM & Payroll - 4

You can view a demo installation by following this link: Live Demo

Password: demo
Admin Live Demo

Password: demo
Employee Live Demo


  • Integrated the Finger Print Attendance Machine
  • Import/Export the Finger Print Attendance File
  • Salary Sheet
  • Bonus, Credit Facility, Salary Deduction and provident fund management
  • Employee management
  • Attendance management with report
  • Employee Attendance report
  • Customize salary Statement
  • Complete payroll management with report
  • Award management
  • Leave management with report
  • Employee role management
  • Notice board management
  • Holiday management
  • Complete expanse management with report
  • Fully HRM Management
  • Fully Payroll Management
  • Create Salary Template monthly
  • Employee Clock Attendance
  • Manage Time Change Requests
  • Attendance Reports
  • Create Leave Category
  • Set Leave Quota
  • Approve / Reject Leave Applications
  • Create/Delete Department
  • Create/Delete Designation as required
  • Employees Add, Update, Delete or Block
  • Set Employee Access Roles
  • Employee Awards
  • Award Money
  • Give Gift Itemst
  • Employee Get Notified
  • Easy User Interface
  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • Very Easy Setup and Installation
  • Easy Tab Interface And Many More
  • Team management
  • Informative dashboard
  • File sharing and team conversation
  • Task management
  • Beautiful file preview and comments
  • Invoice management
  • Save PDF any report
  • Expense payments report
  • Custom permissions for team members
  • Event calendar
  • Private notes
  • Leave management
  • Employee details view
  • Announcement/notice management
  • Report printing and export
  • Easily accessible UI
  • NOC
  • Leave Application
  • Experience Certificate
  • Expense Slip
  • Step 01: Open and start the Attendance Machine Software
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 5

    Step 02: Click the OK Button
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 6

    Step 03: Select the Device and Click the Connect in the software
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 7

    Step 04: Create All Employee Records like Enrollment or Registration
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 8

    Step 05: After recorded, must be Upload and Download from left Button
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 9

    Step 06: Select the report for calculatation by date wise.
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 10

    Step 07: View the attendance reports by the dates
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 11

    Step 08: Export the Attendance Report
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 12

    Step 09: Save the Attendance Report in your PC
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 13

    Step 10: Export the Attendance Report in your HRM Software
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 14

    Manage the Device of Attendance Machine

    Step 01: Setup the Attendance Machine by IP
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 15
    Step 02: Select the User Management in the Machine
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 16
    Step 03: Go to the All User Management
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 17
    Step 04: Select the One User and go
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 18
    Step 05: Select the finger for print by the user
    Amazing HRM & Payroll - 19 

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