Droid App for Calorie Burn Calculator

This is an Android Native Application for calculating your Burnt Calorie for particular Exercise. This application has different criteria to calculate the Burnt Calorie. E.g. Age, Sex, Time, Exercises, Height, Width of a particular Person.

Based on above criteria, this application gives you the total burn calorie. So user can manage his/her exercise schedules accordingly.

Fields to Enter :

  • We have following fields within app:  
  • Weight (in two formats : kg & lbs)
  • Height (in two formats : cms & Ft-inch)
  • Gender ( male/female)
  • Age(in years e.g. 25)  
  • Time spent for exercise (minute: seconds)
  • Group of exercise types
  • Based on Exercise type , list of different Exercises  

That’s it. And you can see the final result.

Droid App for Calorie Burn Calculator - 1

Support Policy:

Support Policy

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