Woo Price Notification/Alert Plugin for WooCommerce Shops

Woo Price Notification Plugin

Woo Price Notification/Alert Plugin for WooCommerce Shops - 1
Woo Price Notification/Alert Plugin for WooCommerce Shops - 2

Every WooCommerce site, online store or online market place require an effective price notification tool to regularly update customers on changing prices of their products. Here, Woo Price Notification Plugin proves to be of great help. This plugin fully integrates into any WordPress site and automatically sends notification when the price of the product falls down. You can do multiple things with this plugin. You can set subscriber form, mail types, number of notifications, position of forms as per your needs while enjoying few other stunning features that lend a wonderful WooCommerce experience to every visitor.

Woo Price Notification/Alert Plugin for WooCommerce Shops - 3

Let’s see what’s in store,

– Set subscriber form ON/OFF
Webmasters are at liberty to set a customized subscriber form in on or off mode, which tends to make the visitors’ activity within our control. So whether to allow user subscription or not is your call.

– Mail Type ( MAIL or SMTP )
What’s more this plugin allows admin to pick up the type of mail to be sent. Either it can be sent from the mail function or can be notified through SMTP details. Just send mail in authenticated manner.

– Send One Time Notification
This special feature allows admin to choose the frequency of notification to be sent to the buyer. You can either set it for one time notification or deactivate for continuous price change notification.

– Form Position
Depending on the nature of the woocommerce site or the layout, one can choose the ideal position of the forms. This plugin offers various positions like after or before add to cart button, or as a popup.

– Customize Form Labels and Buttons
Choose the color of form labels and buttons which best suits the tone and mood of your woocommerce site. This plugin serves multiple options of changing the text color and also of the buttons as desired.

– E-Mail Confirmation
Once the notification regarding price change is sent to the buyer, it also invites subscription for the product. After the user subscribes to the product, this plugin sends mail to confirm their mail ids.

– Set Custom Mail Subject
What should go as subject line of every mail in every notification can be customized as well! You can pick and customize the content as the subject of notification depending on the products on offer.

– Set Custom Mail Body
Besides choosing subject line of your notification, you can also customize its body text to be sent for updating customers about the price of the product. Customize mail body as per the products on offer.


== version 1.0.3 ==
* Removed inline css and added css in separate css file.
* I have mode on “use strict” in js files. 
* Used  on(); rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), .submit(), etc.
* Used esc_attr__() function on places __() & _e().
* Used a unique prefix for all function names, custom image sizes, classes, constants, hooks, public/global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes.
* Removed @import .
* Made the demo full working .

== version 1.0.2 ==
* Compatibility with WP5.6.
* Fixed wpn front js issue.

== version 1.0.1 ==
* Compatible with WordPress 4.8

== version 1.0.0 ==
* Initial Release

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