Chatty: Meeting, Chatting, Social App for Android,IOS,Web,Desktop,MacOs with Custom Back-End

Chatty is Next generation Meeting, Chatting, Social and Chatbot App. Chatty is built on top of flutter so it can be run on various platform like Android, IOS, Web, Desktop even embedded devices. Chatty use open source SDK Jitsi Meet for meeting and Firebase for backend service.

Features Available

One to One Chat Solution– Chattty offer modern UI and powerfull chat engine.

Meeting Feature– Chatty offer state of the art meeting feature with extended functionalities like screen sharing, password protection, E2EE, SIP integration etc. Chatty use open source Jitsi SDK.

Phone Authentication—Chatty is protected by phone auth, using firebase auth as a backend.

Run on Any Platform– Chatty is built on top of Flutter so it can be run on wide variety of platforms like Android, IOS, Web, Desktop even embeded devices.

End 2 End Encryption– Chatty offers e2ee for messaging, meeting and video call.

Custom designed backend– Chaty is the only app available on Envato with custom back-end so don’t waste your money on Firebase.

Group Messaging– Chatty offer state of the art group conversation(Comming Soon)

Privacy Protection– Chatty offer complete toolset for privacy protection.

Off Line Support– Chatty offers off line support for messaging.



Chatty can run on wide variety of OS


Rewarded Video adds Points System with Stunning UI & Animation


Major Features


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Upcoming Features


App Site|||Chatty App
Company Site|||Dart Net
Chatty Site|||Chatty Official Web
Android Demo|||Chatty Android App
IOS Demo|||Chatty IOS App
Meeting Web Demo|||ChattyMeet
Documentation|||Chatty Docs
Dart Net Blog|||Dart Net Blog
Forum|||Dart Net Forum

Features Planned:

1. Group Chat
2. Sending Video Notes
3. Custom Storage Server
4. Web Support
5. IOS Support
6. Location Sharing
7. Deep Linking for Meeting Invitation
8. Sheduled Message
9. Windows App
10. Business Profile
11. Blood Donation System
12. WordPress Plugin

Features In Progress:

1. Ad Mob Integration
2. Meeting History
3. Screen Sharing for Mobile
4. Web Support
5. IOS Support
6. Location Sharing
7. Deep Linking for Meeting Invitation


Version 1.0.7 18 August 2020

1. New --- Lite Meeting App
2. New --- Beautifull Reviev Page
3. New --- App Drawer
4. New --- Admob Integration(Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video adds)
5. New --- Points System with stunning animation and UI

Version 1.0.4 12 July 2020

1. New --- Message Notification & Cloud Messaging
2. New --- Review Launcher
3. New --- In App Messaging

Version 1.0.1 05 July 2020

1. New --- Adding Bottom Nav Bar.
2. New --- Add Page for Meeting Creation.
3. Update --- Overall Performance Upgrade
4: Update--- Fix Meeting Crash

Version 1.0.0 3 July 2020

1. Release ---  Initial Release
2. Full featured Chatting, Meeting App

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