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The Ultimate WooCommerce Compare Products Plugin

Looking for a fresh new way to compare products inside your WooCommerce shop? Then stop searching and get our Better Compare plugin now. Create comparison tables with ease, choose the data you want your users can compare with and help your customers to find the differences between products.

Choose if you want to use our compare bar, only the sidebar or both. Use shortcodes to create SEO friendly Compare Tables on your site and more.


Compare Plugin Features

Compare Products Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Plugin Bundle


  • Tested with WordPress 3.8+
  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Tested with WPML


  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • PHP 5.6+


- NEW:    Styling section
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- FIX: Styles did not work - FIX: Empty attribute groups showed in compare ====== 1.5.5 ====== - NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: https://www.welaunch.io/en/2021/01/switching-from-redux-to-our-own-framework This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards https://www.welaunch.io/updates/welaunch-framework.zip
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====== 1.5.4 ====== - NEW: Added categories + tags to compare data
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====== 1.5.3 ====== - NEW: Turn off URL state replace (adding query parameters to URL) See Advanced Settings - NEW: Show compare bar only on product / category pages
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====== 1.5.2 ====== - NEW: Yoast Primary category restriction option to turn if off
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====== 1.5.1 ====== - NEW: Compare bar 2nd Layout with button right
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- NEW: Option to hide placeholder images in compare bar ====== 1.5.0 ====== - NEW: Autocomplete now possible in Compare Table Live Demo: https://demos.welaunch.io/woocommerce-better-compare/live-compare-table/ Type in "iphone" into example Setup: https://imgur.com/a/4SQRoW7 - NEW: Autocomplete shortcode now returns a selectable list - NEW: Add autocomplete into the table to compare products more easily - NEW: Always show all columns option
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- NEW: Single Product Page Button can now link to a URL
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====== 1.4.3 ====== - FIX: Not available text not shown for attributes that were fetched automatically from groups - FIX: Removed non existing attributes in dynamic shortcode for automatic attributes ====== 1.4.2 ====== - NEW: Option to reset counts after each attribute group - FIX: " sign after each product title ====== 1.4.1 ====== - NEW: Accordion now also works when attr name not in first column - FIX: Accordion icons switched ====== 1.4.0 ====== - NEW: Group attributes accordion compatibility (only shortcode) - NEW: Automatically get attribute group attributes (shortcode & live compare) - NEW: Moved data to compare single product to "data to compare" section in backend - NEW: Added support for attribute group product categories - NEW: Set max products per mobile (before only desktop) - NEW: Category restriction (only allow comparison inside same categories) ====== 1.3.11 ====== - NEW: Single product page compared products are taken from YOAST primary category or if empty only from last category assigned - FIX: Updated docs ====== 1.3.10 ====== - FIX: Single product page image tag displayed ====== 1.3.9 ====== - NEW: Added new filter for get product data apply_filters( 'woocommerce_better_compare_single_product_data', $data, $product, $key ); ====== 1.3.8 ====== - FIX: Added a tax exists check ====== 1.3.7 ====== - FIX: Use return instead of echo for compare button ====== 1.3.6 ====== - FIX: Compare shortcode image not rendered correctly - FIX: Single compare table with attr in first column > hide similiarities fix ====== 1.3.5 ====== - FIX: Hide similarities removed the read more and attribute group rows - FIX: Updated Translation files ====== 1.3.4 ====== - NEW: Fly Out compare table is now printer friendly: - display all data in multiple pages correctly - hide / show similar & close button hidden - compare bar hidden - rows less padding ====== 1.3.3 ====== - FIX: Clear All button now also removes IDs from URL Query ====== 1.3.2 ====== - FIX: Remove from compare button not changed when 2 buttons on the same page and clicked on remove ====== 1.3.1 ====== - NEW: Group Attributes Plugin Support https://demos.welaunch.io/woocommerce-group-attributes/ General > Enable Attribute Group Compatibility Then drag group names inside the data to show - NEW: Show attribute Name in an own first column instead of above the value Single Compare Table > Show Attr Name in first Column Single Product > Show Attr Name in first Column ====== 1.3.0 ====== - NEW: Updated the Design - NEW: Centered compare items in the bar - NEW: Update default setting options - NEW: Added Box Shadow to the Compare Bar ====== 1.2.17 ====== - FIX: State Saving building infinite &compare - FIX: 400 Issue when product not found ====== 1.2.16 ====== - FIX: Array to String Conversion issue in Redux Framework - FIX: Build State Replace now does not remove existing query strings ====== 1.2.15 ====== - NEW: Added a span tag to add & remove buttons for better theme support - NEW: Added an option to set loop button position to none - FIX: Fixed Responsive View ====== 1.2.14 ====== - NEW: Image is linked now - NEW: Added flatsome option to single product compare page table - FIX: Performance Increase for AJAX call ====== 1.2.13 ====== - NEW: Filter for Single Product Compare Products Query Args apply_filters('woocommerce_better_compare_single_product_compare_products_query_args', $args, $product); ====== 1.2.12 ====== - NEW: Added Support for up to 4 custom Meta Fields See data to compare - NEW: Filter to hide the add to compare for certain products: woocommerce_better_compare_show_add_to_compare_button $show_add_to_compare = apply_filters('woocommerce_better_compare_show_add_to_compare_button', true, $product); ====== 1.2.11 ====== - NEW: HTML5 Replace State Compared products will be added to the URL of your site to share your comparison in social media for example Load order: Cookies > URL - NEW: Provided Translations: – da_DK – de_DE – en_US – es_ES – fi_FI – fr_FR – hu_HU – it_IT – nb_NO – nl_NL – pl_PL – pt_PT – ru_RU – sk_SK – sv_SE - FIX: If compare bar open and product added compare bar does not close - FIX: Cookie gets saved for 30 days ====== 1.2.10 ====== - FIX: Cookie only saved on domain basis ====== 1.2.9 ====== - FIX: Better responsive table ====== 1.2.8 ====== - NEW: Short & Long description now render shortcodes automatically You can remove shortcodes with plugin settings > data to compare ====== 1.2.7 ====== - NEW: Added Custom Taxonomies e.g. product_cat to data to show options - NEW: Added Custom Taxonomy Name field - NEW: Added Custom Taxonomy Disable link checkbox ====== 1.2.6 ====== - FIX: Added FontAwesome to prevent icons from not showing - FIX: Close Icon not visible ====== 1.2.5 ====== - NEW: Responsive Slick Slider on Single Product Pages - FIX: Responsive Table slided 2 items on mobile - FIX: Multiple Slick initalizements ====== 1.2.4 ====== - NEW: Performance Increase - NEW: Image & Product Title are now linked (in bar & widget) - FIX: Compare does no longer open on page load - FIX: Long Product names not breaking correctly ====== 1.2.3 ====== - FIX: Compare Bar Button hides compare table flyout buttons at the bottom ====== 1.2.2 ====== - NEW: Set a link on the Compare Now Button to link to a Page - NEW: Shortcode for Add to Compare button: woocommerce_better_compare_button Accepts parameter "product" with product ID as value or no parameter to get product dynamically - NEW: Added support for grouped attributes plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-group-attributes/15467980 - FIX: Removed Draggable feature (too many cross browser issues) - FIX: Added more responsive CSS ====== 1.2.1 ====== - NEW: you can set own images sizes for compare bar & table ====== 1.2.0 ===== - NEW: Autocomplete functionality Either use a shortcode or a widget to show an autocomplete form, where users can search by sku or product title and add product to compare then Demos: - Shop Demo (top right in sidebar): https://demos.welaunch.io/woocommerce-better-compare/demo/ - Shortcode: https://demos.welaunch.io/woocommerce-better-compare/autocomplete/ - FIX: Updated Translations - FIX: Responsive CSS ====== 1.1.9 ===== - FIX: Added reset product data ====== 1.1.8 ===== - FIX: Max Products Issue - FIX: Removed Console logs ====== 1.1.7 ====== - NEW: Hide Similiarities now hides the complete row - FIX: Draggable not working ====== 1.1.6 ====== - NEW: Option for Shop Loop Button positon & hook priority - NEW: Responsive slider option - FIX: Compare bar button centered - FIX: Similarities / Differences not working ====== 1.1.5 ====== - NEW: Added responsive grid for the overlay compare table - FIX: Compare bar opens only when more than 2 products are added ====== 1.1.4 ====== - NEW: Compare bar only opens 2 or more items are added - NEW: Compare table now closes and do not open the bar again ====== 1.1.3 ====== - FIX: Undefined 'ti' index warning ====== 1.1.2 ====== - NEW: Enable or disable the draggable function in settings panle - FIX: Clear all link opened the compare bar ====== 1.1.1 ====== - NEW: Compare bar closes on click compare - NEW: Compare bar opens when click on close compare table - NEW: Moved highlight simliar & differences in settings panel - FIX: JQuery-UI needed - FIX: Add to Compare not working when no sidebar or bar was visible ====== 1.1.0 ====== - NEW: Compare Sidebar Widget - NEW: When no products are set in the shortcode, the plugin tries to get products from users cookie Example: [woocommerce_better_compare] - NEW: Scroll arrows on single product page are now 100% height - NEW: Slider for the single compare table - NEW: Data rows inside compare table get now equally height - NEW: Compare table shortcode now works with Slider Example: [woocommerce_better_compare products="380,377" slidesToShow="2"] - NEW: You can disable the compare bar in the settings - FIX: Admin panel > data to compare tabs have more width - FIX: Slug changed & all options etc. to avoid plugin conflicts - FIX: Moved all JS / CSS files locally ====== 1.0.1 ====== - NEW: Show the add to compare on single product pages - FIX: Draggable issue ====== 1.0.0 ====== - Inital release

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