Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking

Do you like to see links which look like this?

There’s no way of knowing where you’ll end up once you click on that! What if you could make that link look like

Sounds cool, huh? Well, with this plugin, you can.

Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to mask any URL in order to create and shorten any internal or external links. This plugin will be useful for masking partner links to affiliate websites.

Why you need Affiliate Links plugin:

  • Boost your SEO by hiding affiliate links from search engines.
  • Protect your earnings by masking referral links.
  • Increase your revenue by analyzing your link traffic and stats.
  • Save your time by using affiliate links easily and with no hassle.

Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking - 1

See what happens every time someone clicks on your link. Get access to all the details, such as how many times the user has clicked on the link, what browser they’re using, what language, etc.

Conditional Redirects

This feature lets you personalize redirect URLs based on the visitor’s language, browser, Operating system, and platform.

Google Analytics Tracking

Track each link click on your website as an event in Google Analytics. Use the separate settings tabs to choose what you want to track.

This plugin gives you control over every link and you can set up a description, the redirection type, and a nofollow header.

With this plugin, you have a wide range of ways to use affiliate links, such as widgets, shortcodes, and an html/shortcode generator. The two available widgets, Recent and Popular affiliate links, also let you specify the link category and count.

The HTML and shortcode generator makes using links a piece of cake — just choose the options you need and click Copy.

Plugin Updates

2019-11-21 - ver 7.7.0
New: the option for opening two links.

2019-10-02 - ver 7.6.1
Fixed: syntax errors. 

2019-08-14 - ver 7.6.0
New: export/import.

2019-02-21 - ver 7.5.5
Fixed: saving settings issue.

2018-12-19 - ver 7.5.4
Fixed: html errors.

2018-11-12 - ver 7.5.3
Improvements: code optimization.

2018-09-11 - ver 7.5.2
Fixed: removed unneeded DIV.

2018-08-10 - ver 7.5.1
    - Fixed few bugs

2017-11-15 - ver 7.5
    - Bugfix and minor code improvements
    - Added ability to delete all stats data
    - Added ability to keep URL variables after redirect

2017-03-24 - ver 7.4
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added ability to mask link via iframe

2016-09-13 - ver 7.3
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added new minor features

2016-08-16 - ver 7.2
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added new features

2016-06-04 - ver 1.0
    - Initial release

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