Search Manager — Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress

The Search Manager plugin is an all-in-one solution for managing your WordPress and WooCommerce search. This plugin gives you the power to track what your customers search for and to help them do it better and faster.

With this plugin, you can:

  • See what your customers are looking for.
  • Get your customers to go where you need them to by redirecting search results.
  • Make search easier and faster with autocompletion.
  • Keep on top of the search statistics to optimize your website.
  • Add custom widgets to enhance your customers’ search experience.
  • Adjust search settings to search in various fields simultaneously.

The Search Redirect Feature

Let your users skip the unnecessary steps by redirecting them exactly where they want to go after their search. For example, if your user is searching for a specific product, show them the product page instead of the search results.

You can redirect your users to:

  • A product page
  • A product category
  • Any static page
  • A blog post
  • Any other post type or taxonomy
  • A custom URL

Search anywhere and everywhere

Don’t limit your customers to just title and content search.

Let them search here, too:

  • SKUs
  • Excerpts and short descriptions
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Comments

These options can be adjusted separately both for WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites.

Plugin Widgets

Some users don’t know what to search for. Add these widgets to help them out by showing:

  • Recent Search Terms
  • Popular Search Terms
  • Search Terms Cloud

Also this plugin provides admin dashboard widgets for quick stats: Recent Search Terms and Top Search Terms.

Plugin Shortcodes

Search Manager plugin provides four shortcodes for embedding them into the post content.

  • [wcstm_recent_search title=’Recent Search Terms’ number=5] — Recent Search Terms
  • [wcstm_popular_search title=’Popular Search Terms’ number=5] — Popular Search Terms
  • [wcstm_search_cloud smallest=5 largest=10 cold=’CCCCCC’ hot=’000000’ number=5] — Search Terms Cloud
  • [wcstm_search_form] — Search Form

Plugin Updates

2018-08-13 - ver 4.0.1
    - Minor bug fixes

2018-05-08 - ver 4.0
    - Minor bug fixes

2017-04-05 - ver 3.9
    - Bug fixes and improvements

2017-01-15 - ver 3.8
    - Bug fixes and improvements

2016-11-13 - ver 3.7
    - Bug fixes and refactoring

2016-11-07 - ver 3.6
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added minor feature

2016-09-18 - ver 3.5
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added minor features
    - New autocomplete

2016-08-08 - ver 3.2
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Added minor features

2016-05-16 - ver 3.0
    - Added new features
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Improved admin UI
    - Improved security tips

2016-04-28 - ver 2.0
    - Added new features
    - Fixed few bugs
    - Improved admin UI

2016-04-05 - ver 1.0
    - Initial release

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