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  • Please always use different smartphones for rider and driver for best test scenario.
  • Editing and Deleting of Admin Pages like Cartypes, Prices, Promos, etc are disabled in Admin Portal for Demo purposes.
  • Features like Email Verification, Driver Approval and Ride OTP are disbled for Demo purposes.
  • Whatever disabled here in Demo will not be disabled in your downloaded source code.

Test Accounts

  • Demo Admin Account
  • Stripe testcard details-
    card no – 4242 4242 4242 4242 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp date –
    Any future date
  • Braintree testcard details-
    card no – 41111 1111 1111 1111 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp
    date – Any future date
  • Paypal username and password – / John@123
  • Paytm test credentials – Click here
  • Paystack testcard details-
    card no – 4084 0840 8408 4081 / cvv – 408 / exp date –
    Any future date
  • Liqpay testcard details-
    card no – 4242 4242 4242 4242 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp date –
    Any future date
  • Flutterwave test cards – Click here
  • SecurePay test cards – Click here
  • Payu Latam and Culqi test card –
    card no – 4111 1111 1111 1111 / cvv – Any 3 digits / exp date –
    Any future date

Technology Used

  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android) – React Native and Expo
  • Admin Portal & Website – React and Redux
  • Database – Firebase Realtime Database
  • Server Side APIs – Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Maps & Location APIs – Google
  • Push Notifications – Expo

What’s New ( Change Log )

v2.5 (27 Jan 2021)

  1. Fleet Management and Fleet Admin
  2. User, Driver and Fleet Admin creation from Admin Panel
  3. Fleet Admin can also add and remove drivers
  4. User Types now on different Pages for easy Management
  5. Continuous & Background Car Honking sound option on New Job for Driver
  6. Topup User/Driver Wallet by Admin.
  7. Driver Rating on Driver App Profile
  8. Driver Income Page on App
  9. Extra field in Car Types which becomes small toolip on Car Types to show extra information as popup
  10. Cancellation Reason modification page on Admin
  11. All English Text including STATUS and Configuration Texts moved to Language File.
  12. More fields on Driver Registration
  13. Settings on Admin Panel enhanced.
  14. Driver can now see Estimate Fare before rider and also Trip Distance / Time
  15. Wallet Negetive Balance support for Drivers to take the initial commission of App owner on first rider then adjust later.
  16. Wallet and Cash made mandatory
  17. Authentication workflows changed to support Apple’s policies
  18. Tons of other Small Fixes.

v2.4 (3 Jan 2021)

  1. Some more editable fields added in Admin Panel screens
  2. iOS 14 tested and made related updates
  3. iOS side updated for location related policies.
  4. Issues like double push notification sent from Admin Panel solved

v2.3 (26 Dec 2020)

  1. Android Location Usage Disclaimer Popup Added
    (Google Policy – Mandatory for Playstore upload)

v2.2 (20 Dec 2020)

  1. Upgraded to Expo SDK 40
  2. More Config given to Enable/Disable Social Logins
  3. All Colors in single file for Mobile App
  4. Background Geolocation Tracking improved.
  5. Driver low Wallet Balance check on first Booking.
  6. All Website text and App About Us content added to Language file
  7. Loaders in Login Pages
  8. Emergency Menu
  9. Book Later issue solved and Tons of minor improvements

v2.1 (05 Dec 2020)

  1. Mono Repo approach for organizing multiple sub projects into a single project
  2. Documentation improved
  3. Setup video link included
  4. Notification and Rating update issues resolved

v2.0 (27 Nov 2020)

  1. Rider and Driver App Clubbed together for faster setup and easy maintenance
  2. Web and Admin Web App Clubbed together for faster setup and easy maintenance
  3. Documentation reduced by 70%
  4. Driver Wallet
  5. Driver Withdraw
  6. Driver Ride Cancel before Starting
  7. Admin Withdraw Checking
  8. Payulatam Payment Gateway
  9. Culqi Payment Gateway
  10. Driver New Booking Car Honk Sound
  11. Fully rewritten with Redux.
  12. High Scalability and Peformance oriented update
  13. Reduced and optimised database calls
  14. Minimal use of Google APIs
  15. UI Changes and other enhancements

v1.4 (11 Oct 2020)

  1. Paytm Payment Provider Added
  2. Payfast Payment Provider Added
  3. Paystack Payment Provider Added
  4. Liqpay Payment Provider Added
  5. Flutterwave Payment Provider Added
  6. Securepay Payment Provider Added
  7. Expo SDK 39 updated
  8. Driver towards Rider Pickup features
  9. Driver Arrived Notification within 50 metres
  10. Android random crash issue fixed
  11. Google Navigation for reaching Rider
  12. Optimised Google API usage.

v1.3 (07 Aug 2020)

  1. Expo SDK 38 updated
  2. Expo OTA Push Update on Start
  3. New Expo Push Notification API used
  4. Email Verification Settings added
  5. Driver Intro Screen Added
  6. Country Code in Mobile Auth Page

v1.2 (17 Jul 2020)

  1. New Intro Page for Rider Login
  2. Rider Later or Book Later (Biggest update)
  3. Cloud Scheduler and auto dispatch for Ride Later
  4. Auto Cancellation of No Response Bookings
  5. Google Login added
  6. Google Map and other API usage heavily optimised to save cost.
  7. Driver Approval is optional from Admin Settings
  8. Booking OTP is now optional for Admin Settings
  9. All Settings now only in app.json. One config file on each App.
  10. Flutterwave Payment Gateway Added
  11. SecurePay Payment Gateway Added

v1.1 (03 Jun 2020)

  1. Website Added
  2. Web Based Booking Added for Rider
  3. Ride Booking by Admin
  4. Android Design Issues Fixed
  5. Date Locale Config available on Apps
  6. Over the Air Update. No need to deploy to App Stores everytime.
  7. Paypal Added. Paypal through Braintree also exists as it was.
  8. Firebase Function upgraded to Node10
  9. All reported issues and bugs reported till date are closed

v1.0 (03 May 2020)

  1. Uploaded to Apple Store and Playstore.
  2. iPad and Tablet Support
  3. Email Login Added along with Mobile Login
  4. Panic Button Added
  5. Map Initialising to Geolocation Fixed
  6. Background Geolocation Added
  7. Driver External Map Navigation Added.
  8. Security Improvements
  9. Documentation improved and setup stages reduced

Pre 1.0 releases are not given here

Terms & Disclaimers

  • Setup and Installation requires technical and programming background.
  • Customizing the source code requires javascript programming knowledge. Mainly React Native and Firebase.
  • The source code requires paid Firebase and Google API accounts.
  • GrabCab does not come with 6 months support like some of the other products in Codecanyon. Buyers tend to have questions about the item and setup process. We will answer to those till it is relevant. You purchase code will be asked.
  • We answer to queries through email. Kindly send all types of requests at We only use email.
  • You can customize the App as you will. But we do not support any queires on customizations.
  • GrabCab is always under development. This is a very actively developed solution with frequent releases. There may be possibility of bugs/errors present which will be taken care asap once reported.
  • The source code does not come with any kind of gurantee or warrantee.

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