Woocommerce Customer History

Woocommerce Customer History - 1

Key Features

  • Powerful dashboard for display quick reports.
  • Display full order report of all customer / users contain order count, pending order, refund order, total and average amount of the purchase made by each user in your shop.
  • Display how your customers browse your store and which pages they visit before purchase a product.
  • Track the total customer lifetime value for each customer.
  • View insights about your customer’s browsing habits on your website, to see which screens work best for targeted conversions
  • Save and track users (logged in and not): visited pages, completed orders, search terms, shop category and shop brand view.
  • Dedicated statistics for page visit count.
  • Dedicated statistics for count of search key has been typed on the site.
  • Dedicated statistics for shop category page visit count.
  • Dedicated statistics for shop brand page visit count (using Proword Woo Brand plugin).
  • Dedicated statistics to customer’s purchase total amount .
  • Single user history report contain:
    • Customer order report.
    • Customer session history report.
    • Customer category view.
    • Customer brand view(using Proword Woo Brand plugin).
    • Customer search term history.
  • Track the visits generated by the BOTs.
  • Export/import sessions, statistics, searches.

Woocommerce Customer History - 2

Woocommerce Customer History - 3

Version 1.7 Release Date  27.01.2021
* Added - clear table button
* Fixed - Show BOT sessions

Version 1.6 Release Date 19.09.2020
* Fixed - Purchased Guest User. in any order

Version 1.4 Release Date 16.09.2020
* Added - Purchased Guest User.

Version 1.2 Release Date 27.04.2019
* Fixed - compatible  with php version 7.
* Fixed - show bot in live Sessions
* Added - timezone in setting tab.

Version 1.1 Release Date 27.03.2018
* Fixed - issue for display orders in info user.
* Fixed - array for variable 

Version 1.0 Release Date 07.08.2017

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