Status Saver For Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business


StatusSaver or Downloader is for easily download all Video & Image Status.

This app is really easy to download any Whatsapps & WA Business image and video status. Download this app for get all status with original resolution.

You can save status quickly with high resolutions.

This app allow you to download images, GIF and Video status from your Whatsapps or WA Business and easily share with your friends.

Download demo apk from here

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★ Whatsapps status saver

★ Whatsapps Image & Video status downloader

★ Share, delete & repost Whatsapps Image & Video status

★ Whatsapps Business status saver

★ Whatsapps Business Image & Video status downloader

★ Share, delete & repost Whatsapps Business Image & Video status

★ Multiple download & delete status

★ Select All to download & delete status

★ Admob & FB Ad’s integrated



Step 1 : Open this app & Click on Whatsapps button for open Whatsapps or WA Business

Step 2 : Watch Status from WhatsApps or WA Business

Step 3 : Come Back to this app & Click on Recent Status button. It’s display all image or video status. Then click on the status. It’s display and click on Download Button for save status.

Step 4 : The Image and Video status is instantly saved to your gallery and click on save status button for view all downloaded status.

Update History

☞29 Jan 21

Compress App size

Improve App performance

☞13 Jan 21

Multiple download & delete status

Select All to download & delete status

Improve Ad performance

Improve UI for download or delete multiple status

☞04 May 20

Bug fixed from recent status when rewarded video ad load

☞01 May 20

Add Whatsapp business status saver feature.

Update UI for recent status.

Update How to use? screen.

Add dialog for open whatsapp & WA Business.

☞20 April 20

rewarded video ad integration

☞18 April 20

initial release


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