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Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM Integration is a Bitrix24 integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your Contact Form 7 forms directly to your Bitrix24 account. After the integration, submited the form are automatically added as lead, deal, task, contact or company to the specified account in Bitrix24, together with additional data.

Benefits of our plugin:

Benefits of our plugin


  • Integrate your `Contact Form 7` forms with Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Works with any edition of Bitrix24 CRM (except for the free plan, since from January 1, 2021, Bitrix24 changes the conditions).
  • Your can choice that your want to generate – lead, deal, task, contact or company.
  • Creation of the deal and the task, occurs together with the creation / binding of the contact and the company. (if their fields are filled)
  • Creation of notifications in Bitrix24 CRM when adding a lead, deal and task.
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (including custom fields) (except for tasks).
  • You can set up each form personally, specify which information your want to get.
  • Integrate unlimited Contact Form 7 forms.
  • Multiple deal pipeline support.
  • Supports getting `utm` params from the `URL`.
  • Supports for sending `GA Client ID`.
  • Supports for sending `roistat_visit` cookie.
  • Supports for sending `_ym_uid` cookie..
  • Supports for uploaded files for types `lead` and `deal`.
  • Compatible with `Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms`. (when configuring, you need to fill in the fields with all the steps in the last form).
  • Image previews.
  • Super easy to set-up!

Important notes:

  • This plugin requires the `Contact Form 7` plugin.

How do I get updates?

For information about the new version and the installation of updates, you can use the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM Интеграция это плагин интеграции с Bitrix24 для WordPress, который позволит вам легко отправить данные из ваших Contact Form 7 форм в ваш Bitrix24 аккаунт. После интеграции, отправленные формы будут автоматически добавлены как лид, сделка, задача, контакт или компания в указанном аккаунте Bitrix24, вместе с дополнительными данными.

Преимущества нашего плагина:

Преимущества нашего плагина


  • Интегрирует ваши `Contact Form 7` формы с Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Работает с любым тарифом Bitrix24 CRM (кроме бесплатного тарифа, так как с 1 января 2021, Bitrix24 изменяет условия).
  • Вы можете выбрать, что формировать – лид, сделку, задачу, контакт или компанию.
  • Создание сделки и задачи, происходит вместе с созданием / привязкой (если уже есть существующий) контакта и компании. (если поля заполнены)
  • Уведомления в Bitrix24 CRM при создании лида, сделки и задачи.
  • Поля загружаются из CRM (включая пользовательские) (кроме полей задачи).
  • Вы можете настроить в каждой форме, какие данные вы хотите получать.
  • Нет ограничений по количеству форм Contact Form 7.
  • Поддержка нескольких направлений для сделок.
  • Поддержка `utm` параметров из `URL` для использования в пользовательских полях.
  • Поддержка отправки `GA Client ID`.
  • Поддержка отправки `roistat_visit` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_ym_uid` cookie.
  • Поддержка загружаемых файлов для `лидов` и `сделок`.
  • Совместим с `Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms`. (при настройке, вам необходимо заполнить данные по всем шагам в последней форме).
  • Изображения для предпросмотра.
  • Очень легко настраивается!


  • Для работы плагина требуется `Contact Form 7` плагин.

Как получать обновления?

Для информации о новой версии и установки обновлений, вы можете использовать плагин от Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.

== Changelog ==

= 2.31.0 =
Feature: using the new API to find duplicates (existing entities) by phone and email.

= 2.30.1 =
Chore: use `webpack` to build assets.
Feature: the ability to specify a workgroup for the task.
Chore: use new method `tasks.task.add` instead `task.item.add` to create task.

= 2.29.6 =
Chore: added new filter `itglx_cf7_bx24_lead_fields_before_send`.
Chore: minor improvements in downloading the log through the admin panel.
Chore: added new filter `itglx_cf7_bx24_save_utm`.
Chore: added wrapper to mail-tags list.
Chore: added new filter `itglx_cf7_bx24_count_seconds_save_utm_cookies`.
Fixed: fourth parameter of the `wpcf7_special_mail_tags` filter.
Feature: ability to connect exists contact when lead processing.

= 2.28.0 =
Feature: support sending cookie `_ym_uid`.
Feature: ability to automatically assign a responsible if there is an updated lead or created lead / deal.
Feature: more task fields.
Feature: ability to exclude some of the fields when updating an existing lead.

= 2.24.3 =
Fixed: resolve boolean field if default value no checked.
Fixed: replace shortcodes in the live feed of the entry.
Fixed: check required fields of checkboxes.
Feature: reset fields cache by button without cron.
Feature: the ability to choose how to search for an existing lead (phone and / or mail).
Fixed: create task process if lead update occurs.
Feature: ability to set task deadline not only a date, but also a text format, for example, `+1 day`.
Feature: support set contact photo by uploaded image.

= 2.20.2 =
Fixed: compatibility with `WP Fastest Cache`.
Сhore: support additional tags started with `pm_`.
Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.
Chore: use composer autoloader.
Feature: if "always create new" is selected, then the plugin, in addition to creating a new one, searches for existing ones and adds an entry to their live feed.
Feature: ability to always create a new contact without searching for an existing one.

= 2.17.1 =
Fixed: live feed message clean html.
Feature: ability to create a comment in the live feed of the entry (lead/deal/contact/company).
Feature: format for special tag `_date` now `Y-m-d`.

= 2.15.2 =
Fixed: skip empty required fields when updating a contact.
Fixed: possible problem when filling out a boolean field.
Feature: update for an existing contact (search by phone and email), before creating a new one.

= 2.14.3 =
Chore: ability to override the log file path.
Fixed: filling in the value for the text field, if multiple is enabled.
Fixed: populate value `HONORIFIC` from the form field.

= 2.14.0 =
Feature: more support "pipes".

= 2.13.4 =
Fixed: populate multiple values to list.

= 2.13.3 =
Fixed: populate values to list not from field `bitrix24_select`.

= 2.13.2 =
Chore: more error handling.

= 2.13.1 =
Fixed: blank values for missing utm.
Fixed: check maybe no extension `php-mbstring`.

= 2.13.0 =
Feature: Support sending cookie `roistat_visit` to CRM.

= 2.12.1 =
Fixed: compatibility `Contact Form 7 Lead info with country`.

= 2.12.0 =
Feature: Support for uploaded files for types `lead` and `deal`.

= 2.11.0 =
Feature: added compatibility `Contact Form 7 Lead info with country`.
Fixed: possible problem with duplication of phone / mail when updating the lead.

= 2.10.1 =
Feature: use any `utm_` params in `URL`.
Chore: more logs.

= 2.10.0 =
Feature: added the ability to log requests to CRM (disabled by default).

= 2.9.0 =
Feature: multiple responsible for type lead and deal.

= 2.8.2 =
Fixed: special mail tags support.
Chore: added `user-agent` header to requests.

= 2.8.1 =
Fixed: Populate the value of the `bitrix` list.

= 2.8.0 =
Feature: Support for `multiple` parameter in `bitrix24_select`.
Feature: Ability to send value in the yes / no field from the form.

= 2.7.0 =
Feature: Update for an existing lead (search by phone and email), before creating a new one.

= 2.6.0 =
Feature: Support for `GA Client ID`.
Fixed: special mail tags support.

= 2.5.0 =
Feature: Support for multi pipeline for the deal.

= 2.4.0 =
Feature: Support for `utm` params in `URL`.
Feature: Creating a task together with a deal or lead.
Feature: A new shortcode `bitrix24_select` is added to generate a selection field from Bitrix24 values.

= 2.3.1 =
Fixed: API creation of the `contact` is changed.

= 2.3.0 =
Changed: Saving integration settings on ajax.
Fixed: Automatic set of the trailing slash for Webhook.

= 2.2.0 =
Feature: Added the creation of notifications in Bitrix24 CRM when adding a lead, deal and task.
Updated: Documentation.
Updated: Preview screenshots.

= 2.1.0 =
Feature: Added compatibility `Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms`.

= 2.0.0 =
Changed: Use `web hooks`.
Changed: The fields are now loaded from the CRM (including custom fields) (except for tasks).
Added: Ability to send `deal`, `task`, `company` or `contact`.
Added: WordPress cron task to update fields from CRM.
Updated: Preview screenshots.
Updated: Translate.

= 1.0.0 =
Initial public release

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