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UniMatrix is a PHP MLM script to build a membership site using the Unilevel plan or Forced Matrix plan with a re-entry option. The script comes with essential features to run a successful referral marketing program, including membership with renewal on an interval basis.

People can register for free and have an option to join your marketing plan from their Member CP. Unilevel and Forced Matrix plan are supported by the script, and you can configure the Unilevel plan with unlimited levels wide and up to 20 levels deep or the Forced Matrix plan with up to 10 levels wide and 20 levels deep.

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No coding experience is needed as it comes with configuration pages that manages site settings, marketing plans, notification templates, payment options, and more.

Purchase a Regular license and you can use it for personal use and leave the credit on the script as-is and visible. Optionally, you can click here if you want to hide or remove the credit on the script.

Purchase an Extended license and you can use it for personal or commercial use, as well as, allowed to hide or remove the credit on the script.

Refund Policy: the item have been described clearly and a working online demo also available, please review and test all the features and options before placing the order, we do not grant a refund after item has been downloaded.


  • Easy to follow Installation Wizard
  • Fully responsive design and mobile-friendly support
  • Support Unilevel and Forced Matrix plan
  • Easy Registration and Login process
  • Invisible reCaptcha for spam prevention
  • Free member registration option
  • Matrix cycle and re-entry with wallet deduction or manual payment option
  • Manual recurring payment with a scheduled reminder message
  • Option to register or upgrade as a paid member
  • Multi-language support
  • Accept payment using PayPal, CoinPayments, or Cash and Bank Transfer (with manual payment confirmation and proof of payment)
  • Member auto-login from Admin CP
  • One-click manual member approval
  • Member internal wallet to easy manage member commission
  • PHP Mail or SMTP option
  • Member details page
  • Two options for Spillover process
  • Support personal referral, level commissions, and more
  • Random and default referrer options
  • Getting Started Content
  • Dynamic referral tracking
  • Manual member registration from Admin and Member CP
  • Member Matrix plan genealogy view with status filter
  • Transaction History
  • Withdraw request and history
  • Manage and Process withdraw request
  • Setup fixed or percentage withdrawal fees
  • Member referral link with landing page option (homepage or registration page)
  • Secure digital download for member
  • Multi-languages secure contents for a member
  • Transactional notification templates
  • Disable registration option
  • System Test to simulate the member registration and payment process
  • Maintenance mode feature
  • Enable and Disable referral link
  • Custom site favicon
  • Cookie consent option
  • and more…

Keep it Simple and Secure

  • Secure Admin and Member dashboard with dynamic password hash
  • Optimize database statements for security
  • Security vulnerabilities mitigation (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc.)
  • Free from relying on a framework or app package (composer, laravel, etc.)
  • Manually verified and approved by Envato experts
  • Free limited support
  • Proven and tested system
  • Unlimited free updates
  • Long terms bugs fixed and maintenance update
  • and more…

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  • Domain name and website with PHP 7.2 or 7.3
  • MySQL Database
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • JSon, zLib, gzEncode (enabled by default)
  • PHP Mail (enabled by default)
  • IonCube Loader

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Online Demo

Admin CPhttps://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/admin

Username: admin / Password: demoadmin

Member CPhttps://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/member

Username: demo / Password: demouser



Click here to download the latest version!

v1.5.0 – 20 Jan 2021

+ Add option to upload custom favicon
+ Add cookie consent option
+ Display default words when update language
+ Add option to display referral and genealogy according the cycle account
+ Add option to display genealogy when using Unilevel plan
+ Now support force matrix up to 10x20
+ Maintenance update for member profile, history, referrals, and genealogy pages
- Fix user details page
- Fix known bugs

v1.4.2 – 31 Oct 2020

+ Add support Admin CP login using email address
- Fix amount value
- Fix password reset for members
- Fix known bugs

v1.4.1 – 25 Sep 2020

+ Add a note in the user profile for updating payplan status
+ Add option to allow a member to register their referrals manually from their User CP
+ Update login form
+ Update documentation
+ Maintenance for updating withdrawal status
+ Maintenance update on the notification message
- Fix Paypal payment when recurring option enable
- Fix member profile payplan details
- Fix expiration reminder schedule
- Fix known bugs

v1.4.0 – 08 Sep 2020

+ Add one email address account restriction
+ Add SMTP option
+ Add manual recurring payment options
+ Add renewal reminder for recurring payment
+ Add matrix cycle and re-entry options
+ Maintenance update for genealogy
+ Maintenance update for member referral list and member profile
+ Maintenance update for the installation process
- Fix known bugs

v1.3.3 – 28 Jul 2020

+ Display personal payplan in the user details
+ Update for the default transaction number
+ Maintenance update for the dashboard
+ Enable option for minimum personal referral to get spillover
- Fix registration terms and condition checkbox
- Fix other known bugs

v1.3.2 – 3 July 2020

+ One-time withdraw allowed at a time
+ Maintenance update for the notification feature
+ Reformat value when commission list configured incorrectly
+ Update notification after upload proof or payment image

v1.3.1 – 27 Jun 2020

+ Display online users status in the referral page
+ Display wallet balance in the User CP dashboard
+ Update the language files
- Fix username filter in the User CP
- Fix duplicate username in the Manage Members page
- Fix withdraw when no fees configured
- Fix other known bugs

v1.3.0 – 22 Jun 2020

+ Add withdrawal fee (fixed or percentage with cap amount, managed from the Admin CP)
+ Add filter for member status in the genealogy view
+ Add multi-languages in the digital secure content
+ Add landing page option (homepage or registration page) for the member referral link
+ Add auto-detect country on registration process (using free third-party API)
+ Add crypto code in the transaction id (when using CoinPayments)
+ Add option to use Paypal sandbox
+ Display online users status in the manage member page
+ Display referrer status when adding member manually
+ Update structure for the direct referral process
+ Update CoinPayments approval status
+ Rewrite and optimize most of the files for further updates
- Fix notification option and encoding
- Fix database error when populated using utf8mb4
- Fix password reset notification on the page
- Fix invalid type error on the navigation page
- Fix blank page when creating a new language
- Fix other known bugs

v1.2.2 – 14 Apr 2020

+ Update member details
+ Add remove button for digital content
+ Add option to disable referral link
+ Add after payment landing page
- Fix referral id counter
- Fix the username check when empty
- Fix random referrer feature

v1.2.0 – 26 Mar 2020

+ Accept PayPal and CoinPayments as payment options
+ Support rar, jpg, and png file for the feedback attachment file
+ Display proof of payment image in the Admin CP
+ Member auto-login from Admin CP
+ Auto-resize profile pictures
+ Filter to display referrals per level in the Member CP
+ Simplify the payment options in the Member CP
+ Update language files
+ Cleanup footer resources
- Fix latest version check
- Fix payplan update notification issue
- Fix search member by name issue
- Fix random header error on the login process

v1.1.0 – 10 Mar 2020

+ Multi-language feature
+ Spanish as example additional language
+ One-click manual member approval
+ Terms and Condition content page
+ Adjust pagination size
- Fix missing text editor icons
- Fix installation database issue
- Fix member profile with an inactive account

v1.0.0 – 4 Mar 2020

+ Initial release

Thank you very much.

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