Lana Editor – Drag & Drop Page Builder for WordPress

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Lana Editor – Page Builder primarily made for Bootstrap 3 and 4 based WordPress template.

Username: demo
Password: demo

Online Documentation:

Lana Widgets plugin:

Lana Site theme:

Lana Blog theme:

Current version: 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 
- Bugfix widgets in lana editor sidebar
- Add prefix classes to html and css
- Bugfix ui resizable
- Check WordPress 5.6 compatible

Version 1.1.4
- Add plugins (to Lana Editor plugin)
- Add templates
- Add tools
- Add export, import
- Add drag popover
- Add name settings (to elements)
- Add js classes
- Rename images
- Remove additional plugins

Version 1.1.3
- Add default column breakpoint setting
- Add Lana Editor - Column Settings additional plugin (breakpoint setting in column edit)
- Add Lana Editor - Data Settings additional plugin (manage data attributes)
- Add Lana Editor - Relocate additional plugin (change url in widgets)

Version 1.1.2
- Add Bootstrap 4 compatible
- Change editor with template system
- Change design tab

Version 1.1.1
- Bugfix some methods

Version 1.1.0 
- Add design tab to container, row, column and widget edit

Version 1.0.9 
- Add compatibility with WordPress 4.8.x

Version 1.0.8 
- Add display methods

Version 1.0.7
 - Change shortcode methods

Version 1.0.6
 - Bugfix save methods
 - Add Trash
 - Add Lana Popover

Version 1.0.5
 - Bugfix save methods
 - Bugfix js focus

Version 1.0.4
- Change save methods 
- Add widget shortcode content (for text widgets)

Version 1.0.3
 - Change preview method
 - Change save method

Version 1.0.2
 - Change directory structure
 - Bugfix methods

Version 1.0.1
 - Change Bootstrap load style and script method priority

Version 1.0.0
 - Added Lana Editor

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