Traffic Generator Bot – BotBear

Traffic Generator Bot – BotBear

¡BotBear is the only tool you need to automate any web task and submit
traffic to your website or videos and get monetization using any quality residential proxies!

BotBear is easy to use, since it was developed as a google chrome extension which makes it much more effective,
and very difficult to detect as a bot, since it uses a real browser, and if you use good quality residential proxies it would be even more difficult to detect and could monetize anything

Try the Demo and get out of doubt

Download Demo and Documentation

The demo has limitations but includes all the features


  • have the Google Chrome browser installed
  • Minimum 4 GB of RAM
  • Residential Proxy Server if you are going to monetize
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS Query (to tell the bot where to click) (there are examples in the documentation)
  • Windows Operating System

Read the documentation to know how to use and install the bot as well as its respective configuration

Included functions

  • You can use real references (create a history and store real cookies)
  • Multiple URLs
  • Fixed time and random time
  • You can open multiple links at the same time
  • Click on any item, ads, popunder, etc.
  • Fully configurable
  • The bot can send traffic to your site (24/7)
  • Filter images, videos, fonts, css
  • Control a real mouse
  • Organic search from search engines

Original references

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Vkontakte
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Random form
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • duckduckgo

All references are real, straight from sources, which is great for getting a trace in browser history,
which are then used by ad systems to present different types of ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Bot expensive?

You are not paying for a Bot but for 2 bots that form a core of communication between the Google Chrome browser
and the windows operating system, and that uses several features that make it unique when it comes to generating traffic and monetizing

There are other bots that do the same and are cheaper!

Most of the bots that exist are created under headless browsers such as: puppeter, webdriver, jsPhantom, etc. all those browsers are detected as bots
they are detected as bots no matter what ISP they use and you can check it yourself using and try to monetize,
They will not be able to have a system that detects any bot mentioned and will close your account, BotBear is not discoverable and you will be able to monetize without problems

Can I use Proxys?

Yes, within the documentation there is a list of proxy platforms that you can use, if you want to monetize you must use rotating residential proxies,
it is very important that they are rotatable since the bot opens each tab with a different IP

Can I use a proxy list?

No, you must use a proxy account that generates rotating proxies

Are you pretending to be human?

You can move the scroll up and down
You can control the mouse cursor to make the clicks the clicks are not always usually in the same coordinates varies the position of the clicks (the clicks become undetectable as the mouse is used)
These kinds of features make it harder to detect as a bot

Can I search for keywords in search engines?

No, for now that works is not available, you can only search for the website domain using search commands
that each search engine has and the bot will be in charge of searching the website

Does Google Analytics detect traffic?

Yes, it is 100% detected, just wait a few seconds and the traffic will begin to appear within the google analytics panel

Does Google detect it as a bot?

No, it cannot be detected as a bot or even as a bot, as it uses the same Chrome browser,
it is very difficult to be detected as a Bot and it is more effective if you use a residential proxy server

Is it really an undetectable bot?

The bot itself is undetectable, but proxy IPs can be detected as proxies unless you use good quality residential proxies.

Is Adsense safe?

Yes, you can monetize google adsense and any other ad system, but you have to use a good quality residential proxy

Can I monetize with CPM and CPC?

Yes, for that you will have to use residential proxies it is very important

Can you increase page and CTR impressions?

Yes, you can smoothly increase the number of prints and decrease the bounce%

Can I use it with Youtube?

YES, you can send visits and monetize YouTube using good quality residential proxies

Can I rank Apps from PlayStore?

YES, within the documentation there is an example of how to do it

What can I use it for?

  • Sell traffic to others.
  • Increase the range of serps and website
  • Increase the number of page impressions and control the CTR
  • Control bounce
  • monetize with ads
  • position apps from google play store


Use it to sell traffic, monetize ads (proxy must be residential and quality) and position google play apps

Important for buyers!

Feel free to ask any questions, please allow me some time (maximum 7 business days) to answer any questions

Live PreviewDownload Now

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