Position Mobile Applications Bot – BotBearRankAPP

BotBear-RankAPP is a tool developed as an extension of the Google Chrome browser where you can control the entire browser in order to
to carry out searches on mobile app platforms in order to classify apps

BotBear-RankAPP is easy to use, since it was developed as an extension of google chrome which makes it much more effective,
and very difficult to detect as a bot

Try the Demo and get out of doubt

Download Demo and Documentation

The demo has limitations but includes all the features


  • have the Google Chrome browser installed
  • Minimum 4 GB of RAM
  • Residential Proxy Server or 4G Proxy
  • any operating system that accepts a Google Chrome installation

Read the documentation to know how to use it, before installing the bot as well as its respective configuration

Functions included

  • Gooplay, Amazon, Apple included to rank
  • multiple URLs
  • Fixed time and random time
  • You can open multiple links at the same time
  • Fully configurable
  • proxy panel (rotating proxies recommended)

  • The bot can send traffic (24/7)
  • Filter images, videos, fonts, css to save bandwidth

Frequent questions

¿How many tabs can you open?

Google chrome consumes almost 200MB for each open tab, this will depend on how much memory the computer has where the bot will be used

¿What is the limit of facilities?

There is no limit, you can install the bot as many times as necessary in the amount of equipment you want

¿I can use Proxys?

Yes, within the documentation there is a list of proxy platforms that you can use, if you want to monetize you must use rotating residential proxies,
it is very important that they are rotatable since the bot opens each tab with a different IP

¿I can use a proxy list?

No, you must use a proxy account that generates rotating proxies

¿How long does it take to classify the app?

that will depend on the niche that the app is and the level of competition but in the tests carried out
About 18 days for apps with high competition we saw an increase in the number of downloads and position in the search results
up to 10 positions up

¿Can my application be penalized for this practice?

for now there is no problem, keep in mind that they are searches that are carried out in independent windows with different fingerprints and different IP

¡Important for buyers!

Feel free to ask any questions, please allow me some time (maximum 7 business days) to answer any questions

Live PreviewDownload Now

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