Code Generator for ReactJS + NodeJs + ExpressJS + MongoDB (MERN)

You can imagine how much time you could save to create components if you have code generator tool which would automatically generate code for the given database schema it will save a lot of time.

This tools creates API services and ReactJs CRUD forms for the given collections in the MongoDB. In few minutes you can generate the Admin Pannel for the CRUD Forms.

Code Generator is a windows application that generates code for ReactJs(14.0) for the given MongoDB Collections with NodeJS and ExpressJs .

Note* For Demo project Click here. In the demo Application the code is generated at the serverside and the link is provided to download..


  • Each table will have Action file, Js File, LabTab file etc.
  • Can select the control type for each column in the table.
  • Provides “Copy”, “Print” and Save to Excel Features.
  • Client search feature included.
  • Static and Dynamic lookups for combo boxes.
  • Supports required field validation.
  • Can select which columns to display in the view form.
  • Supports Pagination, sorting

Api Service NodeJs expressJs(4.13) Rest Api with MongoDB

  • Model scripts : For each table a js file is create that contains all columns of the table as properties.
  • Controllers scripts : For each table a controller script file will be created with HTTP GET, POSt, PUT and DELETE.
  • Uses express Js with Mongose

For Help : Click here

The below given projects are created by this codegenerator without writing a single line of code, by NodeJs, ExpressJs api and the ReactJS. Click Here


Hardware/Software requirements for the tool

  • Windows operating system.
    1.6 GHz or faster processor.
    1 GB of RAM (1.5 GB if running on a virtual machine)
    50 MB of available hard disk space.
    5400 RPM hard disk drive.

**It needs ObjectID with _id for each collection.

The purpose of this application is to make software development easy.

Live PreviewDownload Now

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