Super Word Search Pro

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Super Word Search Pro | Casual Game | Construct 2

Super Word Search Pro game, very simple and fun! A super easy, fun and addictive game!

With simple and super beautiful graphics!

Using only one hand, with just a touch of the screen !!!

The game is ideally suited for mobile devices!

Skills developed:

1 – The word search reinforces the existing connections of the brain and stimulates the formation of new connections;

2 – Helps to improve mental activity and agility;

3 – Stimulates the left brain (with logic and rationality);

4 – Stimulates the right brain (with creativity and artistic vision of the work);

5 – Memorization of the graphic form of the words;

6 – Construction of alphabetical system;

7 – Linguistic analysis.


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CHANGELOG (2021-01-10)

  1. – Minor bugs fixed
  2. – Improvement: Possibility to put the word clues in one language and the words to be found in another language.

CHANGELOG (2021-02-01)

  1. – Minor bugs fixed
  2. – Improvement: Inclusion of language selection system. The game now allows the use of 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese(Brazil).


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  2. html cleanerLMMS editable music file (MMPZ)

Important informations

Easy to change the image, just replace the image file! Customize your own game and place it in IOS or Android.

Customize your own game and put it on IOS or Android:

  1. Access the Manual Official Construct 2!

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