Files Manager Script

Multi user files management script, upload and share files.


  • Share file to user or user group
  • Recycle Bin
  • Upload files
  • File Notes
  • Password protected files.
  • Media Preview – preview image, video , sound pdf and text files.


  • FTP
  • Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Dropbox


  • Login & Registration
  • Optional login and signup with Facebook, Twitter, Google (OAuth client)
  • Optional recaptcha protection
  • Optional emails notifiactions for file share.
  • Account options.


  • List and Grid view
  • Multilanguage.
  • Theme language translation – Easy translate each theme page or component to any language.
  • Public files page.
  • Theme editor.

Control Panel Demo


User: admin
Password: admin

Site Demo

User: demo
Password: demo


  • PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • PDO php extension
  • Curl php extension
  • Zip php extension
  • Apache 2 with mod_rewrite
  • Linux server
  • MySQL 5.7+ with InnoDB

Created with
Arikaim CMS


ver 1.4.2
    - Added
        Dropbox filesystem
ver 1.4.1
    - Changes
        - Improved install page.
ver 1.4.0
    - Added
        - Filesystems  FTP, DigitalOcean Spaces
        - Share file to user group
    - Changes
        - theme changes and bug fixes.
ver 1.3.1
    - Added
        - Public files page.
        - Search in shared files.
    - Changes
        - Code optimizations
ver 1.3.0
    - Added:
        - Emails notifiactions for file share notifications.
        - Account options for emails.
        - Control panel file shares management for all users.
        - PHP 7.4 support
    - Fixed
        - Users extension, translations.
ver 1.2.0
    - Added:
        - Media Preview - preview image, video , sound pdf and text files.
        - Password protected files.
        - Theme language translation.
    - Fixed
        - Theme page paginators
ver 1.1.0
    - Added:
        - Login with facebook, twitter (OAuth client extension)  
    - Fixed
        - Card views

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