55 Construct 2 and GameMaker HTML5 Game in 1 Bundle for Web and Android and ios


  • 27 Construct 2 (Capx and html5) Games
  • 28 GameMaker 1.4 Project files
  • HTML5
  • Touch or mouse
  • Email support
  • Source code included
  • Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
  • Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers

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You don’t need to use game engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email.

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This bundle includes 55 HTML5 games with different subjects and themes that are suitable for a wide variety of players. Here are short descriptions of some of the included products:


This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures.

Use your imagination and Build Your Own Robot!

In this game you can choose from 3 different snowmen and then use different available objects and clothes for making them look like what you want.

Another Flappy game! In this game you control a flappy sparrow and like always (!), you have to tap the screen and avoid obstacles as you move forward. 

This is decorating game. In this game, you must choose a Christmas tree first and then decorate it with available objects. 

Connect the dots game are popular among children and can be used for educational purposes while entertaining them. This version’s aim is to teach different shapes and their names to children. 

In this Hold up game, you have to kick the ball and hold it in the air as much as possible.

This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures. 

This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures. 

Choose your alien, dodge and avoid enemies and obstacles, run as far as you can and collect as many coins as possible to earn a higher score!

This is a physics puzzle game. In this game, you must help the penguin to reach the ground by picking ices that are beneath its feet.

Humans are starting another war and its consequences are affecting other creatures too. They have deployed naval mines across the sea that can be very dangerous for fishes and all other marine animals. So, the wise turtl

You own a small cake shop and have to do your best to keep your customers satisfied! 

You play as a candy robber in this game and have to steal as much candy as you can! You have to match 3 or more candies with the same color in one move. 

This is a word search game and it has two playing modes. The first one is Arcade that has a time limit for finding the words and after each level, you will get some bonus time. And the second one is Zen mode which is a simple and easy mode without any time limit.

You are sitting in your boat and fishes are swimming below you. You have to throw your fishing hook into water and catch fishes.

This is a Mini golf game and your goal is to throw the ball in the hole! 

This is a match 3 game and you have to match 3 or more tiles of the same color with each other and destroy them. 

In this game you play as a space ship and you have to fight other space ships that try to attack and destroy you. But it isn’t a normal shooter and you have to use your brain to destroy them!

Choose the image that you like and color it the way that you want!

A rotating puzzle game with cute pictures of animals. The game’s difficulty will increase as you progress so it can be challenging and interesting for everyone

We have tried to make Sky Soccer different from similar games and somehow you can consider its gameplay as new and different. This game has six levels and at the end of each one, you will reach the Sky Cup!

An interesting memory card game with billiard theme!

breakout game with level features.

Run as fast as you can and don’t let the cat catch you!

Another Flappy game!

This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures.

An amazing game about shapes for kids!

Unfortunately some animals have been captured! Please find the key for each cage and free these poor animals!!

Play pinball in 3 different styles!

Start your skateboard rolling and avoid from falling! Good luck!

Help the little seahorse go up in the ocean!

Sudden Birds is physics puzzle game.

This billiard game is based on speed and your goal is to pocket all balls as soon as possible.

Connect the dots to find out what kind of animal will be unlocked!

In this game we have used a genre similar to “Doodle Jump” for teaching alphabets.

Jigsaw puzzles are an interesting hobby that can be played by people with any ages.

This is a guess the word game.

This is a guess the word game.

Choose the winner correctly and earn as much score as you can!

This is a penalty kick game.

Great Adviser – A Different Language Learning Game.

In this game you play as an alien robot who has invaded the solar system and wants to conquer all of its planets!

Shoot down the aliens and defend your island till your last drop of blood!


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