Connect – Live Video & Chat Messaging, Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, File Sharing,

Connect – The Perfect Solution to Connect & Collaborate

Live Video Chat, Meeting, Conference, Live Class, Online Training, Webinar, Podcast
P2P Chat Messaging, Group Chat, Screen Sharing, Real Time File Sharing

Connect is a Web Application offering Real-Time Communication with Video & Audio Communication, File Sharing, Screen Sharing and Live P2P & Group Chat Messaging. Built using secure and scalable WebRTC, which is an open source framework to enable realtime communication of audio, video and data in Web and native apps. It enables users to communicate with others via Video & Audio Conference, Webinar, Podcast etc.

Connect - Real Time File Sharing, Live Chat Messaging

Connect - Jitsi, Zoom, Meet, Meeting, Zoom Alternative

Connect - Envato CodeCanyon Regular LicenseConnect - Envato CodeCanyon Extended License

Connect - Buy Now and Get Free Updates for Lifetime

Connect - Live Chat, Real Time Messaging, File Transfer and Sharing

Summary of Awesome Features

Here are some points which make Connect the Perfect Solution for your Audio & Video Conferencing needs.

  • Multiple Meeting Types
  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings
  • Contacts & Segments for Invitation
  • Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Options
  • Multiple Level of Meeting Configurations
  • Live Chat / Real Time Messaging
  • Real Time File Sharing
  • Multiple Authentication Option
  • Complete Users Management System

Connect - The Perfect Solution

Connect - Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Video Conference, Online Class - Try Live Demo

Connect - Customer SupportConnect - Documentation Articles

Connect - Step by Step Installation Tutorial Video

Connect - Live Demo Intro Video - Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Online Training

Connect - Types of Meetings - Video Conference, Webinar, Live Class, Audio Conference, Podcast

Connect - How UI looks - Video Conference, Webinar, Live Class, Audio Conference, Podcast

Connect - Upcoming Features - Recording, Pre-recorded Webinar, WhiteBoard, Click to Call

NOTE: Though recording feature has been completed and released, there is a known issue with the third party package that we have used, causing issues while a live recording is running and a new participant joins in. We have already raised this issue with the said third party and waiting for them, to resolve this.

Connect - Best Rated Product on Envato CodeCanyon

Awesome Features

Connect is built on modern web technologies such as Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap CSS framework, with tons of built-in features and components, it enables users to communicate with others via Video & Audio Conference, Webinar, Podcast etc.

Here are the list of some of the highlighted features of Connect:

  • Built with Latest Version of Laravel (7.x), The Most Popular and Widely Supported PHP Framework
  • Built with Latest Version of Vue.JS – The Fastest and The Most Starred JavaScript Framework
  • Easy Installation Wizard and Step-by-step Installation Tutorial Videos
  • Supports REST API, easy to integrate with other application
  • Single Page Application, reduces queries to server, decreases loading time, less bandwidth usage and improved user experience
  • Most Efficient Database Structure, gives scalability to the application
  • Multiple Authentication Options
  • Registration, Login, Activation, Approval
  • Social Login, Two-Factor Authentication
  • User Profile, Avatar, Change Password, Online/Offline Status
  • Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System
  • Multi Lingual and Locale Management
  • Auto & Manual Screen Locking
  • UI and Push Notifications
  • Print and Export Functionality
  • Press Any Key to Search
  • Frontend Website built with Laravel Blade
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Multiple Color Scheme
  • Multiple Styling Options

We will be updating regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes. You can share your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. We will try to implement in upcoming versions as soon as we can.

Connect - Built With KodeUI App Kit

Connect - Built With Laravel, VueJS, Bootstrap

Connect - Friendly User Interface

Connect - Tons of Additional Features

Connect - Progressive Web Application

Admin Login Page – Click here to open

    Username: admin
    Password: password

User Login Page – Click here to open

    Username: user
    Password: password

Installation Prerequisites & Server Requirements

Make sure you read the Support Documentation for Application and other Server Requirements, Installation Prerequisite, on how much attendees Connect Application can handle and other useful topics.

Also, make sure all the installation prerequisites mentioned on the documentation are installed and fulfilled on your server. These prerequisites are mandatory, without these Connect won’t install and won’t work properly. We are not responsible for installing and fulfilling installation prerequisites on your server. Metaphorically speaking, we are selling you a computer, we are not going to set up an electricity board at your place. :)

PHP >= 7.4 (for CLI and Web both)

PHP Extensions Required

  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • MBString
  • Ctype
  • JSON
  • XML
  • MySQL Native Driver
  • GD Image Library
  • Zip Archive
  • cURL (7.70+ version) (for CLI and Web both)
  • GMP (Required for sending Web Push Notification, added on v1.4)

For Database:

  • MySQL >= 8
  • NOTE: MariaDB is not supported, use MySQL instead of MariaDB!

Additional Server Requirements

  • allow_url_fopen enabled
  • SSL Installed on the Server

Other Requirements

  • Pusher API Credentials
  • Signaling Server (by default it uses KodeMint’s Free Signaling Server)
  • ICE (STUN / TURN) Server

These are mandatory requirements! You can use a third party or free (if available) service provider for Signaling and ICE Services, or you can have your own Signaling and ICE Servers by setting those up yourself. You can also hire us or someone else to set those up for you. Without Signaling and ICE Server the Connect Script won’t work! Please understand that we are only responsible for Connect Script, and not responsible for installing or providing you Signaling & ICE Server.

Version Log

Version 1.8.0 Released on 4 February 2021

* Whiteboard feature added
* Whiteboard Streaming feature added
* Recording issue resolved for Live Meeting
* Live Video Indicator Demo & Audio Meter Components added for scheduled and live meetings
* Meeting Snooze timezone issue fixed
* Meeting Invitation timezone issue fixed
Version 1.7.0 Released on 21 January 2021

* Speech Detection Highlight feature added
* Feature added to allow user to join meeting without camera / mic
* Configurations added to hide/show Link Sharing Button
* Configurations related to Manifest Start URL and Scope added
* App Logo component linking made optional
* Webinar and Live Class related minor fixes
* Toast Notification CSS related fixes
* Profile image upload issue fixed
* Login with OTP issue fixed
* Locales and Permissions syncing issue fixed
* Add to home screen - loop issue fixed
* Custom CSS file added and integrated to be used
Version 1.6.0 Released on 23 November 2020

* Group Chat Feature
* User's Private Contacts & Segments Feature
* Configuration added to Mute Participants on Start
* Option added to Unmute or Mute Participants on Live Meeting
* Live Meeting Page Improved
* Start Instant Meeting Page Improved
* Service Worker version updated
* Live Class bug fix
* Sidebar UI Config - Unsplash API bug fix
Version 1.5.0 Released on 29 October 2020

* Custom Meeting Code and Keep Meeting Alive features added for Instant Meetings
* Meeting auto timeout issue fixed
* Clear command added to AnyKeyToSearch component
* Meeting related configurations added for debugging & support
* Instant Meeting start page layout issue fixed
* Product update page improved
* Installation wizard and Server prerequisites check updated
Version 1.4.0 Released on 14 October 2020

* Input Device Selection on runtime improved on Live Meeting page
* VAPID keys configuration added
* Web Push notification feature integrated
* PWA Manifest updated and caching improved
* Meeting - pause and resume recording functions added
* Meeting SDP Process related crashing issue fixed
* Meeting recording issue fixed
* Add to Home Screen Alert added with configuration
Version 1.3.0 Released on 29 September 2020

* WebRTC File Sharing Component added
* Insert Emoji on Chat added
* Live Meeting page refactored
* Meeting Global and Single Level Configuration options added
* User Avatar and Dropdown added on Live Meeting Page
* Input Device Selection option added on Live Meeting Page
* Resolution, Bandwidth & Frame Rate Configuration for Live Meeting Page
* Grid / Tile Layout improved for Live Meeting Page
* Gallery Layout added on Live Meeting Page
* Toast notification position style fixed
* Online-Offline Notification system improved
* Google Analytics event helper plugin added
* Mute Sound Notification option added on Chat Configuration
* Site redirect related fixes
* User preference related fixes
Version 1.2.0 Released on 22 September 2020

* Chat Configuration added on Chat Component
* Click to chat button on User Profile added
* Mute Sound Notification option for Chat Added
* Instant Meeting History added
* Share URL module improved on Live Meeting Page
* Segment description and editing issue fixed
* Google Analytics module added
* System added for Dynamic PWA Assets, App information and Site Manifest
* Configuration for Terms / Policy acceptance on Registration added
* Website Configuration added
* Social Network Configuration added
* Website Dynamic Pages Module added
* Website Contact / Query Module added
* Website Newsletter Subscriber Module added
* New muted request utility added for XHR Request
* Alert module added on Dashboard for showing alert
* Transition for pages extracted to TransitionPage Component
* Improved installation wizard
* Restriction added for admin user deletion
* Registration status issue fixed
* Datatable API calling issue fixed
Version 1.1.3 Released on 4 September 2020

* Meetings related configurations added
* Meetings - Block & Unblock invitee options added
* Meetings - Block User from Live Meeting option added
* Delete option added for cancelled and ended meetings
* Instant meeting join issue fixed
* Timezone related issues fixed
* Locale related issues fixed
* Chat related configurations added
* User preference updated
Version 1.1.2 Released on 22 August 2020

* Meetings empty user column fixed
* Meeting snooze notification fixed
* Back navigation issue fixed on Instant Meeting
* Meeting Filters issue fixed
* Social login issue fixed
* Timezone issue fixed
* Login with OTP fixed
* Two factor authentication fixed
* Form Buttons Responsiveness fixed
* Locale loading issue fixed
* Change password issue fixed
Version 1.1.1 Released on 16 August 2020

* Locale loading issue fixed
* Role assign issue fixed
* Register page mobile responsiveness fixed
* Product one click update issue fixed
* Mailing Configuration From name issue fixed
* Vuex store naming & versioning issue fix
* Configurable Application Name and Window Title
* Theme related issue fixed
Version 1.1.0 Released on 8 August 2020

* Live Chat Feature
* Instant Meeting (Start and Join a Meeting)
* Meeting Shareable Link Generation and Sharing
* Meeting Live Page - Redesigned, new layout
* Full screen and full window & tile layout
* Configurable Signalling Server URL
* Raise a Hand on Live Meeting Page
* User privacy configuration improved
* Assign role to user
* Locale selection on Configuration
* User Preference / Configuration
* Language Preference for User
* Ban, Activate, Approve Users
Version 1.0.0 Released on 13 July 2020

* Initial Release

FAQs and Support Methods

What information is required during installation?
The script requires “Access Code” to be entered during installation. You need to log in with your Envato account on to get the access code and add domains where you want to install the application.

Does this script include all the source codes?
Yes, it includes everything! Including all the files from composer.json, package.json, webpack.mix.js, various plugins which have been used.

Where can I access the documentation?
Click here to access the documentation online. In case you face an issue, kindly send us an email at [email protected]. Our estimated response time is 48 working hours, though maximum response time can be upto 5 working days.

Does the author provide installation support?
Yes, we provide installation and technical support to help you get the product up and running on your live server, if you have a valid support. Also, support is only available to the customers who have purchased the script from CodeCanyon. You need to provide your Envato Email & Purchase code to get the support.
Click here read the support documentation. Or you can watch our installation turorial video at YouTube by clicking here.

Does the author provide free installation service?
No, the author does not provide free installation service.
We do provide Additional Technical Services to help our buyers get the product up and running, as paid services. Click here to know more about Additional Technical Services.

Will I get support for further development?
Kindly note that the author is not going to teach you how to code or to install pre-requisites or to setup your server. However, the author will be available to answer your questions as per the guidelines mentioned in the Envato support tab. It is recommended to have the required level of knowledge of Laravel Framework, JavaScript along with VueJS as mentioned on the application description.

Does the author provide customization?
Yes, the author is available to provide customization services but with an additional charge of $20 an hour. Cost is negotiable for larger customization requirements. Though customization requests can be accepted or rejected depending on the availablity of the author and feasibility & scope of the customization requirements.

Can I use this script on multiple instances?
No, if you have purchased a Regular license then you can use this script for a single instance only. If you have used or you will use more than one instance of this script, your support will be blocked and it will be reported to Envato. You can purchase an extended license to use this script for multiple instances.

Is refund or exchange option available?
This script is a digital product in nature, so it is not feasible for us to give a refund or exchange option, sorry!

NOTE: To customize the script of this application, you need at least intermediate level web development experience in order to understand few components and strategy used in developing this application. You need to know Web Technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript and Vue Library. You need to be able to install the prerequisites of this application.


Click here to go to Documentation related to this script.

FAQs and References for Beginners

Click here to go to FAQs and References section of the Documentation related to this script. We will keep updating our reference list and questions based on the question asked by our users.

You are advised to visit the live demo with all the features. Visit the documentation by clicking here, where over 150+ articles are available, and check all the server pre requisites and requirements. Watch the step by step installation guide by clicking here

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on Connect. Click here to share your feedback or to make a feature request.

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